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Oct 10, 2013 08:01 AM

When did you last go to the Hilltop in Saugus?

This stalwart of Boston area dining deserves more than a passing (and bashing) mention in the Openings/Closings thread.

I blame myself for it closing, me and my crew kept them in good business back in the 1980s. But I bet I haven't been there in 20 years, and that was probably in Braintree. Longer ago for Saugus (1989, most likely).

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  1. Wow! CAnt remember the last time (Saugus)- but I think it was probably in the 80's , too!

    1. When they stopped serving the lobster pie.

      1. I didn't see any bashing, just honest commentary about what it was. I haven't been in over a decade, it was my parents who kept me going 'cus that's where they liked to go. The only thing I never understood was, especially in the butcher shop, you never knew what USDA grade the meat was. Speaking of Braintree, remember Hartford?

        1. I went a couple of times in 99/00 timeframe (about 2 years after I moved to the area) with friends from out of town that were curious. Thought the steak was good, but nothing special that I couldn't get elsewhere (Franks/Jimmy's/cook at home). I remember the huge bowl of salad and not eating much of it because all the salad dressings were horrible and they didn't have oil and vinegar.

          1. I'm going to guess about 15 years ago for the Saugus location, 10 years ago for the Braintree one. I would occasionally hit the Saugus retail shop when I needed a big roast, probably three years since my last visit there.

            Per the BBJ, it grossed $60M in its peak year, 1989. Wow.

            The character of Norm on "Cheers" often talked about his favorite restaurant, The Hungry Heifer, which I always took to be an allusion to The Hilltop.