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Oct 10, 2013 08:00 AM

HELP! Which Farmer's Markets in LA are best for wild fish, organic fruit & grass-fed meat?

On a quest to eat more organic...

Which of LA's farmer's markets offer the best selection for fish, meat and fruit?

Ideally I'd like to hit one stop for everything.

Currently live downtown. Thanks!

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  1. It's basically what you'd expect. The biggest markets have the most variety. So, Wednesday Santa Monica is always going to be #1 in just about everything. Sunday in Hollywood is probably #2. Saturday Santa Monica is probably #3.

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    1. i'm afraid you'll find very little in the way of fish and meat at local farmers markets. there are a few vendors, but not many. there's not much commercial fishing off SoCal (not that most shoppers would want -- mackerel, sardines, squid), and meat is a problem because of the scarcity of slaughter facilities willing to handle small numbers.

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      1. The Brentwood Farmer's Market (Sunday) has one seafood and beef vendor each (possible 2 seafood ones). I've never purchased from either one, but the seafood vendor seems fairly busy. The beef one, not so much.

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          Seafood vendor at BH market (Sunday) is excellent. There are about 3-4 meat vendors at the S.M. Wed Farmers Mkt. I have not purchased from them, but a friend likes grass fed beef and will only buy there. Look for the vendor with the longest line (close to corner of Arizona and 2nd).

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            i've been buying from j&p west coast fish for about 25 years. they're at various markets. not everything they have is great, but they always have some things that are way better than i've seen at retail -- swordfish is probably primary among them. some of the best i've ever cooked. california white sea bass is another.

        2. Personally I like the fish guys @ Studio City FM way better than the fish guys (and girl) @ Hollywood FM

          1. If you're in DTLA, the Thursday South Pasadena FM is great from 4-8pm. Well-curated. Just the right size.

            Fish - Dry Dock
            Meat - J&J Grassfed
            Veggies - many, but McGrath is a fave, Jaime too
            Mushrooms - LA Funghi (grabbed Piopinni today)
            Nuts & Fruit - Avila Farms

            Lots of great other stands. Fairly easy parking or the Gold Line lets you off right at the market. After shopping, stop at Nicole's for a glass of wine and the cheese platter. Lovely!