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Wythe Hotel to Peter Luger

can one do this walk? Are cabs easily accessbile in brooklyn?

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  1. Yes, you can walk. Just go down Bedford. Probably 20 minutes. You may see cabs, but don't count on it. If you really wanted to, you could call a car. But if the weather is nice, I would walk.

    1. Google says it's about 1.2 miles. I agree with Bkeats. It's a nice walk in pleasant weather. After eating at Luger's a walk will do you good.

      1. not only is the walk very doable, and cabs generally available in that area, im pretty certain either business would be willing to call you a "car service" which are just unmetered local cabs available across nyc. rates are very fair, i doubt you'd pay more than 8 bucks or so.

        1. thx guys...i'm not familiar with the area so i wasn't sure if it was a worthwhile walk. thx for the input. we are hitting luger's on saturday. tomorrow i'm looking at Allswell, Fada and the Bedford. Any thoughts?

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            If its nice its a good walk. 20 minutes or so. Plus there's good bars on the way back to the hotel if you are looking for an after dinner drink.

            If you have a smart phone get an app called city mapper. It's free and the best of the travel apps I've used.

          2. There are usually cabs in front of Peter Luger, but if not you should be able to find one as you walk down Bedford Avenue (especially on a Saturday night). Otherwise, Northside car service is a good bet. As other have said, though, it's a nice walk.

            As far as the restaurants you mentioned, I would recommend Allswell over Fada.

            1. The hotel will be happy to call a taxi for you. Same for Peter Luger's.
              It's a nice interesting walk if the weather permits. About a mile.
              NYC I.M.H.O. is all about walking and taking in the sights & sounds of the city.

              1. The new B32 bus stops at the hotel and basically takes you to right in front of the restaurant without any detours. But I suggest walking down Berry or Bedford.

                1. It's walkable in the crisp fall air. Also, the hotel will get a cab for you and so will Peter Luger's. They have a doorman.

                  1. Yes, walkable ... I did it in suit shoes. Dont get run over by a hipster on a fixie blowing through and intersection ... cliche but I had a near miss. You'd think with glasses that large she could see me ...

                    Interesting people watching, even if they may not be watching you.

                    As my associate who moved to that area from Carroll Gardens -- and regrets it -- says, "I live in Disneyland."

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                      It's already been a few years since the peak of hipster Williamsburg and the opening of the Wythe Hotel is one sign of that.