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Oct 10, 2013 06:01 AM

Frontera Grill Strategery

Hoping to get into lunch or dinner on a Tuesday with no reservation. According to the web site, it is largely first come first served, so we plan to be there at opening. Is before opening necessary? I'm not camping out, but I would like to taste some of the unique dishes on the menu. We also failed to make timely reservations at another choice, Girl and the Goat, so darn.

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  1. Girl & the Goat does have bar seating (no reservations), so if you arrive at/near opening you may very well be able to score a bar seat there. You can order food from the bar area.

    Regarding Frontera Grill I am not sure how early you would have to arrive to be likely to score a seat. I did once try on a weekend without a reservation and when I arrived shortly before opening there already was a crazy long line. Weeknights might be better, but if it is high on your list of venues to try arriving 15 minutes or so before opening may be wise (unless someone has some recent experience with weeknights and deems it not necessary).

    1. I work 2 blocks from Frontera and pass by often on my home from work -- at 5:15, just before they open on Tuesdays, I typically see ~30 people in line. The staff will also stagger seating so unless you're at the very front of that line, there will still be a wait even if you get there when they open. Also, I don't think they will even take your name unless your entire party is present.

      If I were you, I would leave my name with at the host stand and ask about the wait (they're pretty accurate -- and I think they can call you when the table is ready but I could be making that part up). Then I'd spend that time waiting in Three Dots & A Dash, a terrific tiki bar on the same block (the entrance to Three Dots is in the alley running behind Frontera -- true story, but Rick Bayless nearly ran me over one night when I was heading to Three Dots!).

      1. Great advice both of you! I think we will try those things and hopefully the late bird will get a worm. Thanks.

        1. Tuesday lunch at Frontera before they open is probably your best bet. Don't forget that in addition to the walk in tables in the dining room, the entire bar area (a bar and some tables) is first come, first served.

          For GATG, you can order food from the bartender at the bar, OR grab one of the the lounge tables. The lounge tables have servers just like the regular tables. Those two areas are first come, first served. They also reserve some regular tables for walk ins but you might end up with a communal table. If you really want a non-communal table in the main dining area, I'd get there before 4:30pm. I've asked one of the managers there and they said before 5pm or after 10pm is best when walking in.

          For future reference, GATG takes reservations 6 months ahead via phone and only 3 months ahead on OpenTable.

          1. Plans change, so in the event you end up going for dinnner...
            I was there last Saturday, 7:15 pm walk in, the worst possible situation. They told me an hour and a half so we went next door to a bar(don't remember the name) and sat at an outside table and watched the crowd and the Northwestern/ Ohio State game on the big screen. The time flew by and we checked in on the half hour. After an hour and half that took us to our table. The food was excellent, those mole's were fantastic. It was my first time in Chicago and as a Mexican food lover,somewhat regular visitor to Mexico, and a Bayless fan, I had no problem waiting and I am glad I did. Enjoy.