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Oct 10, 2013 05:21 AM

Revised based upon your suggestions

2 weeks away, and so excited. I appreciate all of your comments and this is the revised list of our plans, open to further revision based upon your generous consideration...


Arrive around 1:15pm, cab from airport to CBD est 2pm?

1) Will be starving after flight... debating chargrilled oysters from felix vs acme vs. Cochon Butcher. I think the latter may be filling, and we will be anxious to see the town, but could be swayed

2) Dinner at Herbsaint. (Small plates preferable?)


Coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde (we are not breakfast people, a snack will certainly do)

Lunch at Galatoires (I get the impression that the experience surpasses the quality of the food, and Im totally ok with that... there is nothing quite like this in Philly)

Dinner - I imagine we will be stuffed - toss up depending on how we feel between Killer po-boys, Mr. B's or a couple of plates at French 75 and more booze.


Lunch at Cochon

Dinner at August (recs for plates... a la carte seems preferable to tasting menu)

Drunkenly (likely) stumble into Marigny for music... any late night snacks your fans of?


Lunch at Pho Tau Bay ( We have lots of Vietnamese up here, but I hear this is special )

Halloween parades in FQ

Dinner at Peche

Again, late night music/festivities


Commanders Palace brunch (recs?)

Dinner at Something low-key...

Mon -

Airpot at noon... what would you like to be your last taste of Nola before leaving for what will likely be a few years?

Thanks again, you are so helpful with our travel plans as always

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  1. Pho Tau Bay isn't particularly special. It's the same fast Vietnamese available everywhere. If you have transportation, Tan Dinh, 9 Roses (both Westbank) or Dong Phoung (New Orleans East) are far better.

    1. For your last night you might consider Domenica (in the Roosevelt Hotel) because you can add-on Sazerac Bar and a stroll through the beautiful hotel. If you get to Domenica before 6 wine, beer and well cocktails (+ pizza) are half off.

      For your Friday night "snack" Three Muses on Frenchmen Street serves until 11 pm

      Sounds like a yummy, fun itinerary.. please give us a trip report.