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Oct 10, 2013 02:50 AM

Devon: Lunch on Friday?

A new nabe for me. Going to be there lunchtime Friday. Anyplace
special for lunch? Moderate pricing, quiet, any ethnic fine. Could always drive closer to home on Lancaster Ave, but hoping to try something new in the Devon area.

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  1. Nectar is technically in Berwyn, but definitely worth a visit. Pricing may be a bit higher than moderate, but at lunch, it may not be so bad. And a good value for money, either way.

    The Silverspoon is in Wayne (other side of Devon) and has a good reputation, although I have no direct experience. Same comment about price.


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      We had a "meh" brunch experience at Silverspoon a few months ago, and I would probably not recommend it based on that. I did like Nectar, though.

    2. The White Dog Cafe is on Lancaster Avenue in Wayne PA and has an interesting menu. Pricing is moderate ($12 to $19) considering you are on the Main Line.

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        If you are going to Wayne, I would suggest Teresa's Cafe, which in general I have found to have good food at better prices compared to White Dog.

        Perhaps not as good as Nectar, but Shangri La has chinese thai and sushi and is in Devon. It does each equally poorly or well depending on your perspective.

      2. I've never been there but if you are interested in supporting a good cause the Black Cat Cafe is in Devon. Its a non-profit that supports animal causes.

        1. I agree with others that Nectar and White Dog are good options. If you don't mind driving a little farther, Alba in Malvern is open for lunch.

          1. Thanks to all. Well, we ran long on our appointment, had to buy some bread for today, so we drove to the Wynnwood Whole Foods on our way home and ate at the San Kee Peking Duck place there.

            Food was a good value, but seemed a little 'prepared in advance" compared to other times. I always order the same: shrimp dumpling soup + a lamb chop + shrimp and veggies for $13. A lot of noisy construction there: they are
            expanding to include a large space adjacent.