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Oct 9, 2013 08:49 PM


I spent 3 days in Malta, staying at the Hilton in St Julian's. The hotel breakfast was good, and had lots of the local cheese, including at the omelet station. The Sunday lunch looked spectacular, but we were headed out for some sightseeing.

Wigi's - St. Julian's - Best meal during our stay. I had the meagre, and my friend had the tuna. They were both absolutely delicious. We started out w/ fried calamari, which also was very good. I feel like we should have eaten here every night. Also, the staff was superb and very friendly.

The Avenue - St. Julian's - This we did on our first night, since we arrived late and it was open. We had the mussels to start and I got the seafood linguini. The pasts was good. I was surprised to see something that was this big of a restaurant put out good food. It may not have been the best, but it was still quite good.

Italian restaurant across from Cafe Cuba (I want to say it began with a G) near the point in Sliema - Had the focaccia, which was like a pizza with basil on it. I still liked it. We also had the rabbit spaghetti, which was delicious. Rabbit was tender and the pasta was good.

Zeri's - St. Julian's - Octopus carpaccio was nice, and had a nice brightness from the orange. Mussels and clams appetizer was good, but have had better broth. My seafood linguini was delicious, but I love this stuff and having lived in New Mexico for the past two years, I shamelessly will order shellfish and dishes that get me the most shellfish as much as possible. My friend had grouper, which was cooked quite well. I thought the restaurant was great as a convenient choice close to the hotel.

Quarterdeck Bar at the Hilton - Got the cheese plate, which was huge and had plenty of local cheeses. We finished most of it. We also had the calamari, which was very similar to the calamari I had on bocadillos in Madrid.

Missed out on a good cannoli here, as all the ones I saw were pre-filled, so I didn't get one.

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  1. Great to see a Malta review, definitely not much action here when I've asked in the past.

    If you get back again try and hit Legligin in Valletta (St. Lucia's Street), it serves by far the best food I've had in Malta or Gozo. All small plates, no menu, you just get what the chef/owner is serving that day... and a solid wine list.

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      I definitely plan on going back, so thank you for the recommendation. I didn't get to have enough of the food from places outside of St. Julian's and Sliema. I especially want to explore more places where the chef has more control and are less "touristy."

      Also, for future Malta eaters, I think it's important to mention that several restaurants are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

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        If you plan on getting to Gozo on a future trip let me know, I spend most of my time there and can point you at a few gems. My previous report is here - .