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Oct 9, 2013 08:36 PM

Paris recap from last week

I went with a Paris first-timer last week for 4 days. So, my mission was to hit some of the favorites and mix in some things I haven't had before.

Mary Celeste - Was hoping for happy hour oysters, but was disappointed to find that "they were not in season." We had a couple cocktails each, which were interesting and good. We enjoyed the courgette dish very much.

Cafe des Musees - Headed here since we couldn't fill up on oysters. We got my favorite seat (at the bar), as we were early, but without reservations. Got the classics, steak tartare and the steak frites. Solid as always, and also enjoyed the raspberry tarte (with a crust that tasted like those butter cookies in blue tins).

Angelina - Went here because a friend from work suggested it, and honestly, once I saw there was hot white chocolate, had to go. Hot white chocolate was rich and good. Also figured I should get the Mont-Blanc, which was good, but I don't think I'd go back just for that.

Chez L'Ami Jean - lunch - I got the soup, and couldn't finish it all. They were nice enough to give my friend a bowl for himself so he could help me finish it off. He got the risotto, which was like soupy rice, and different from the risotto with arborio rice. Still good, but not amazing. The pigeon w/ sweetbreads and the braised beef were good and hearty (but maybe a little too salty for me). He got the trio of fig desserts (or something like that), which were ok. I got the riz au lait, which was delicious, but I always just end up spooning the salted caramel straight, which is the best part.

Les Papilles - lunch - We were filling up by this point, but I still hadn't made it here in all my time and trips to Paris, so we went anyway. Just got the main course, braised lamb w/ vegetables. It was the best meal we had during our stay.

Julien (St. Martin) - My friend had couple tartlettes from here. He really enjoyed them, and I thought the white chocolate tarte was perfectly not too sweet.

Gosselin - Almond croissant was delicious, pain aux raisins was dry and disappointing.

Breizh Cafe - dinner - First time here. Crepes were probably the best I've had and really enjoyed them. I got the provencale, and my friend had the chorizo (which looked like pepperoni, but was still pretty good). Anchovies on a crepe was new for me, but really enjoyed it. I also got the pear w/ chocolate for dessert. And since my friend hates anchovies and pears, I didn't have to share. :)

L'As du Falafel - late dinner - Went here for an easy meal and to enjoy a throwback from my grad school days.

Never ended up getting oysters, since I got sick on the day I planned to go to Maubert for them and when I saw the seafood, I felt even more ill. Somehow, magically, I was able to enjoy some comte and tomme de chevre from laurent dubois, some jambon sec from a couple doors down, and a baguette from Eric Kayser.

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  1. Thank you so much for reporting back. All these updates of faves and less-faves are important. In fact they are what makes this board.
    "Mary Celeste - Was hoping for happy hour oysters, but was disappointed to find that "they were not in season." "
    This is not true. Not true at all.

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    1. re: Parigi

      Exactly what I was thinking, Parigi. I think parisjo mentioned the same thing about MC in another thread. I don't get it.

      Thanks for the report, twinkie. You sound like a trooper!

      1. re: VaPaula

        And I saw a similar comment about Baron Rouge so I am intrigued.

        1. re: PhilD

          It may have to do with this virus that has killed a lot of oysters, but it has nothing to do with the season.
          I just had very good ones from our (and Laidback's) poissonnerie Au Bon Port.

          1. re: Parigi

            You may be right Nancy; but I thought it was mainly around the Arcachon Bay and since last year there's been less publicity about it. At least that I've seen/heard. And my strolls past brasseries shows no signs of a paucity. Go figure!

        2. re: VaPaula

          Hm. I've been at Mary Celeste with and without oysters and didn't really miss them.

          There are other places for oysters within a 5-min walk, including someone selling them outside the supermarket if price is a factor. But it's much harder to find a bar with an alternative to cheese/ piggy products and MC's cute bright tart veggie- and fish-based small plates fill that gap very nicely for me. Nice folks running the place too.

        3. re: Parigi

          When I emailed for a reservation I was told they are not offering the oyster happy hour, and I expect it's due to virus/cost reasons.

          1. re: Parigi

            Had at Pleine Mer last week, all sizes and same price as last year.

          2. Sorry for the late reply (was busy moving from New Mexico to Chicago)! Thanks for the information and feedback on the oysters. That explains a lot, and hopefully next time I'm in Paris, I will be able to enjoy some.

            Last year, I also was not able to thank the France board for your help. So a very late thank you for your help in fall 2012. I ended up breaking my arm (long story), and had to cut my trip short and never got to thank everyone or report.

            1. Mary Celeste is once again serving oysters... started last week.