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Chow Worthy Dining on Disney Property

Going to Disney World in January-2 adults, no kids. We have two nights. Already have made reservations at Victoria and Albert's (were there last year in Queen Victoria room and loved it) and we need one more night...Posts on this board are quite old...We really do not want to leave the Disney property, as we will be cabbing it. Suggestions?

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  1. Il Mulino at the Swan and Dolphin Hotel is a great place for dinner or even just a drink and appetizers at the bar. You can definitely get there via Disney transportation.

    California Grill in the Contemporary Hotel recently reopened after an extensive refurbishment, but I haven't been there since the updates. By January, they should have any kinks worked out and it's a great place to view fireworks.

    Have fun!

    1. Jiko in the Animal Kingdom. Based on traditional African cuisine. Make resv. Early. I love the chicken targine with preserved lemons with a Paul Cluver Sauvignon Blanc. The service is excellent.
      You can take transportation anywhere inside Disney World and visit any of the resorts. You only have to pay to go in other parks. Just allow enough time to get to your resv. Early is not problem because lots to see at each resort.
      Have fun

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        I almost recommended Jiko! However, we took Disney transportation there once from the Wilderness Lodge and it took forever!

        OP - where are you staying?

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          Staying at the Swan. We are Floridians and will have our car, just don't want to drive. Ate at Jiko last year (Stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge) and loved it, but wanted something new this time...I've read mixed reviews about Il Mulino, which is why I put this question out here...Thanks!

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          We probably need to try Jiko again. We had an unfriendly waiter and did not have a good experience at all.

        3. We had a very nice meal at Cat Cora's place-Kouzzina. It's at the Boardwalk.

          We haven't been to the refurbed California Grille either but we loved before it closed and as another poster said it has a great view of the fireworks.

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            We loved Kouzzina! We're gonna do dinner and breakfast there in May.

          2. Breakfast at Boma
            Le Cellier
            Brown Derby
            Via Napoli
            Raglan Road (best ice tea ever)
            Berry Cobbler from Artist Point or the lounge at wilderness lodge
            Cupcakes at Starring Rolls

            1. Flying Fish Cafe - Try their Chef's Table - Chef Tim Keating is a James Beard award nominated chef that uses local ingredients...really great stuff
              Bull and Bear at Waldorf Astoria at Bonnet Creek (on Disney property kind of) - Really one of the best restaurants I've been to recently, great dishes like roasted colorado lamb with has al rahout spices

              Ricky L

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                I stayed at the Waldorf in November and many of our meals were at Bull & Bear whenever we stayed at the hotel. Excellent. Hearty yet elegant, and good service, too.

              2. Love Raglan Road in downtown Disney and the Dining room at Wolfgang Pucks on the West side is great too! Kouzina was just "eh" for us.

                1. La Luce: Hilton Bonnet Creek. Should be able to get there. It is on property. Amazing Napa cuisine. Fabulous bar to watch the sunset over the golf course.


                  I loved Il Mulino in Las Vegas and in New York but this one seemed...meh, somehow.

                  1. Flying Fish is one of the most consistent, albeit stagnant, restaurants on Disney property. I haven't been to La Luce, but have heard pretty good things.

                    Why not try Bluezoo, since you're staying right there as well?

                    My experiences at Jiko have been underwhelming.

                    Victoria and Albert's is as good as it's gonna get at WDW, but not worth the price tag IMO. I've had MUCH better experiences for half the price.

                    I'll be brutally honest. I really don't expect too much when dining on Disney property. You're much better off heading to Winter Park, downtown, or even the Sand Lake/Universal area.

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                      "I haven't been to La Luce"

                      Save your $$. Service and food quality were dismal and Bull and Bear is next door in the Waldorf which is easilly the stand out restaurant in the entire area.
                      I have to agree on Jiko. OK but underwhelming.
                      I think "stagnant" is a poor descriptive for FF unless you've been there several times. Food is very good as is the service.
                      While I don't have uber-high expectations at Disney food quality overall is pretty amazing for a theme park.