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Oct 9, 2013 07:05 PM

Fall Hudson Valley Restaurant Weeks - November 4-17, 2013

No one else seems to have started it so I figured I'll start a thread for the upcoming Hudson Valley Restaurant Weeks. I'm not going to post the list this time (at least not in this post) since it made the thread hard to read.

Here's a link to the list of participating restaurants, sorted by name:


Now for some really sad news. Back Yard Bistro in Montgomery is closing. I first learned about this place thru HVRW and they always had the most imaginative and varied restaurant week menu. I will really miss them.

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  1. Some musings..

    The CIA American and French restaurants are participating with no limitation on days (or not listed on the HVRW site) but it doesn't matter since they're booked on Saturdays (and many weekdays) already.

    Restaurant North in Armonk takes reservations 28 days in advance. Restaurant X and X2O are taking reservations already.

    42 is not doing lunch this time and as usual has many surcharges for dinner (which is odd since I thought their new regular menu was supposed to be less expensive).

    1. Hello! I can't even begin to describe how devastated I am about BYB closing....I just found out yesterday, it's my most favorite restaurant. I actually joined chowhound (i've been lurking for quite some time) in order to deal with my misery, I'm glad I have found someone else here who is also sad!

      But at least HVRW is coming up, we always look forward to trying something new, this year I think I'd like to try Duo Bistro in Kingston.

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        Yes, Duo's menu looks interesting, and they got a very good writeup in HV Magazine.

        I had hoped to eat at BYB before they close, either on closing night or else this past Saturday. They were supposed to get back to me but did not, and when I called a second time on Friday, I got a message that they were closed this weekend for a catering event. So I'm not sure if they'll be able to get me in on the 2nd, and I am busy the next two Saturdays.

      2. I'm going to Gaucho Grill in White Plains for lunch with a group of friends. Has anyone gone there during HVRW? If so, what's good to order? None of my group has ever been there.

        1. Cafe of Love and Rivermarket (Kittle House place in Tarrytown) have their menus posted on their websites.

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          1. re: MisterBill2

            Thanks for posting this, Misterbill. I already made reservations for our biannual trip to North for one of the Fridays, and I made one at Rivermarket to give it another try. But after looking at Rivermarket's menu, I'm not terribly excited by it, so I may cancel it.

            I was so underwhelmed by Cafe of Love when it first opened that I haven't been back there, but I have to say, their desserts alone look like reason to go there.

            Do any other restaurants in Westchester offer Fri/Sat HVRW reservations that do as good a job as North?

            1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

              How about Valley? Their menu isn't up yet but they usually have some good stuff. I wanted to eat there on a Thursday but they told me they're only doing Friday-Sunday, so I probably will not get there this year (we have other plans both weeks). We had a really nice HVRW meal at Cafe of Love earlier this year. I'm a big fan of Salmon Tartar and Rack of Lamb, and as you said, their desserts sound great.

              Rivermarket's menu also does not thrill me but unless I find something else that overwhelms me, we will likely still go just to give it a try. My son is working in NYC these days and takes Metro-North to Croton, so if he can get off the train early and meet us somewhere it's convenient. We're doing The Cookery on a weeknight (that's another possibility for you, but they do not take reservations Friday and Saturday for parties of less than 5).

              Why don't you drive somewhere north on Saturday? We're going to Tavern at Diamond Mills in Saugerties for our long trip this year. Duo in Kingston is also supposed to be very good. Restaurant X in Congers also does a nice job for HVRW (not too far away).

              1. re: MisterBill2

                Don't get me wrong-- river market is very promising based on my early meal there. But we already ate the burrata, we've had a similar salad and salmon often at KH and we ate the amazing toffee dessert already. So I'm just thinking we should try something different.

                Valley we've been to twice and the first time I loved it but the second time the service was really bad. Food second time was so so (just my entree, really, but it was so uninspired it makes me hesitate to return). I'm done with x2o's rw assembly line and 42 did not impress other than the view (too nightclubby).

                I think maybe we'll give cafe of love a go. Always like an excuse to get to my kisco in the evening to get a drink at pour.

                I'll look a bit further afield at the others you mentioned. Thanks!

                1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                  I don't go to X2O for RW anymore but have had 2 nice RW meals at X in Congers (plus Peter Kelly's Creme Brulee and Red Velvet Cake are my daughter and wife's favorite desserts, and both are on the menu). I refuse to go to 42 for dinner because of all of the surcharges. Their lunch was really good but they're not doing it this time around. Plus, Anthony was the only chef who declined to come out to let me take a photo during the Lohud Scavenger Hunt last time (photo of the chef was one of the items), so I am not at all inclined to return.

                  Glad to hear that the buratta and toffee cake at RiverMarket were good.

          2. I don't know. ? it me, or the menus for the majority of restaurants are just not that appealing anymore? I feel like these "restaurant weeks" have gone downhill the past 2 year. No interesting ingredients or techniques. And what's up with some restaurants adding ridiculous supplement fees for the few interesting dishes that are offered?

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            1. re: liza219

              Who else has supplements other than 42? I agree that it's ridiculous and I refuse to eat there because of it. They did not have them for lunch, but they're not doing lunch this time.

              Many places do not have their menus up yet and I agree that many that do are not exciting. Cafe of Love and Diamond Mills menus are among the more interesting, IMHO. I like Tarry Lodge's as well, but I love duck breast.

              My gut feeling is that doing HVRW for two weeks twice a year is taking a toll on some of the restaurants. They do not seem to have a "use this ingredient" sponsor this time (like Crown Maple last time or maybe 2 times ago) so there's no common theme trying to incorporate something into as many dishes as possible. It does appear that farro is this year's hot ingredient.