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Place to Linger for Dinner and Live Music (Jazz?!) - N. Westchster / Lower Fairfield

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We are three couples getting together for a rare grown-up's only evening out. We live in Pound Ridge, West Harrison & Brookfield and would like to meet somewhere that's fairly easy for all of us to get to.

Last time we had drinks at Pour then a lovely dinner at Cafe of Love in Mt. Kisco. This time, we were thinking of Bellota at 42, but it's just so expensive - can it be that good?!

I thought it would be nice to go somewhere with live music, maybe some jazz to accompany our dining and conversation?

Is there a place betwixt or between us with good food and a nice atmosphere where we can linger, catch up and ilsten to some music?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Tap room at Kittle house has great live piano some nights. Call for details. Can be noisy on weekends but you can linger for sure over a delicious meal.

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      Great idea! I was just thinking about Kittle House tonight, but for something else completely. Thanks!