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Oct 9, 2013 04:50 PM

sighhh. Cant use my grill.. no electricity provided.

ok so I was planning to cook sample sliders on my enviorfit grill. to pass out with my hamburger sauce at a cooking show I am doing. They are not providing electricity. Then I get an email saying they wont allow open flames. So my grill is out and I guess my hotel pans are out as well. does anyone have a suggestion of "non open flame" non electric" out door cooking?

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    1. re: monavano

      lol.. eventually that would be an open flame...

      1. re: girloftheworld

        Nah...with good wrist control, it's just char and singe ;-)

    2. Nuclear fusion. How are you supposed to cook?

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      1. re: mrbigshotno.1

        it is a marketplace for young entrepreneurs so there will be kids there displaying their business they only selected two of each "kind" from the applications and the top 100 are part of the market.. Soooooo when I said private chef and I would highlight my hambuger sauces and tailgate treats for sale I guess they thought I was going to be bringing cookies and cupcakes like the other food girl.... they said no open flames around kids too much liability.. I was like geeze.. you said no electric on the application ...but nothing else

      2. A generator to provide electricity?
        Or this...just googled, have never used.

        1. Generator+ electric burner, or find another vehicle for tasting your hamburger sauce. Cheese straws?

          1. sorry to say - you may need to save face and bow out rather than present a compromised product.