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sighhh. Cant use my grill.. no electricity provided.

ok so I was planning to cook sample sliders on my enviorfit grill. to pass out with my hamburger sauce at a cooking show I am doing. They are not providing electricity. Then I get an email saying they wont allow open flames. So my grill is out and I guess my hotel pans are out as well. does anyone have a suggestion of "non open flame" non electric" out door cooking?

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    1. re: monavano

      lol.. eventually that would be an open flame...

      1. re: girloftheworld

        Nah...with good wrist control, it's just char and singe ;-)

    2. Nuclear fusion. How are you supposed to cook?

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        it is a marketplace for young entrepreneurs so there will be kids there displaying their business they only selected two of each "kind" from the applications and the top 100 are part of the market.. Soooooo when I said private chef and I would highlight my hambuger sauces and tailgate treats for sale I guess they thought I was going to be bringing cookies and cupcakes like the other food girl.... they said no open flames around kids too much liability.. I was like geeze.. you said no electric on the application ...but nothing else

      2. A generator to provide electricity?
        Or this...just googled, have never used.

        1. Generator+ electric burner, or find another vehicle for tasting your hamburger sauce. Cheese straws?

          1. sorry to say - you may need to save face and bow out rather than present a compromised product.

            1. Tell us more about how important this is.

              Because I might just say F it...

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                well..they only select 100 booths and only two of a "kind"
                so it would be good exposer for me. There will be some actual bussiness people there.

              2. can you cook before. and hold in some hot jus at the event.
                then assemble them there

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                1. re: coastie

                  thought about that it is a three hour event. do you think a thermal box would keep them warm enough?

                  1. re: girloftheworld

                    I would find some kind of reusable heat packs- maybe at REI or another sporting goods store. There are also microwavable ones that you can get at restaurant supply places.

                    An ice chest with towels in it with the heat packs closest to the food should stay warm for quite some time if you make the food *right* before you go.




                    1. re: weezieduzzit

                      The ones in my first link have very good reviews and if you plan on doing more shows they might be a really good investment.

                    2. re: girloftheworld

                      A good quality ice chest or thermal box should be fine for a three hour event. Pre-warm the chest with some hot (NOT boiling!) water, before you put the food containers in. Pre-warm the transport containers, if they are not the pans you're cooking in. Good luck!
                      Oh, also, if you can, use two smaller boxes, rather than one large one. Heat tends to escape every time the box is opened to remove more product.
                      Is your sauce product served hot or cold? Are you transporting in a thermos?

                      1. re: girloftheworld

                        Preheat the box - with boiling water. Use rice packs. I used to cater on a glacier food had to fly up and wait for skiers. I used rice packed ziplocks.(microwaved like for neck wrap) Some Ice packs work as hot packs too. I would boil and pack around food.
                        cambros keep food hot for a LONG time.

                    3. Just ran into this yesterday: Wonderbag. Intended to hold a pot brought to a boil, lets the retained heat cook the food. But perhaps you could put a pot of boiled water in for a while, then exchange for a pot filled with the already cooked mini-burgers?

                      1. So I was talking to one of the kitchen guys and he said " weird but ya know the apartment I live in says no open flame but we can have charcoal grillbecause it is not considered open flame?

                        1. Will the car be anywhere near the booth? run power to an electric griddle? Some sort of a battery to power the griddle?

                          Or line a cooler with a towel... heat some bricks in foil at home, then line the cooler with them, then put very rare burgers in to finish cooking and hold for service.

                            1. I think you should change your offering. Sorry I'm not helpful. I couldn't come up with anything that would work!

                              1. What did the adults at the local fire department recommend when (if?) you asked them what was permissible according to local safety code?

                                1. There are some good suggestions here about how to keep sliders warm. Try some of them out ahead of time and see what works for you.
                                  Also try out your sauce on some things that do not need to be kept hot. Will it work on roast beef sandwiches? As a dip for chicken? How about bread sticks or veggies? I would try to find some other ways to serve up your sauce in case there is a failure in the sliders. Still offer the sliders but some alternatives too.

                                  1. well.. Thank you alllll for your great ideas... I am going to just make some tortilla chips to serve with it as a way of sampling....it willnot taste as good but it will be a lot easier....

                                    1. This may be a bit expensive, but you could get a 12 "griller" or even a warming cabinet and a deep-cycle 12v battery (if they'd allow it). I'd strap the battery to a hand truck with bungees.

                                      If your electric grill uses little enough current you could power it from an inverter off the 12v battery.