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Oct 9, 2013 04:24 PM

Carvers v Pauls

Per a suggestion on Chowhound we went for Breakfast at Carvers. I went simple: eggs over very easy, bacon, home fries , pancakes. The eggs were overcooked by my standards but the bacon was plentiful, the home fries were delicious (they did not require ketchup), and the pancakes were yummy. My spouse tried a chorizo omelet which was disappointing. The next day we went to an old haunt, from my high school days, Pauls. The eggs over easy were cooked correctly (a plus for Pauls) but the home fries were trumped by Carvers.
I did not have bacon or pancakes so I can't compare them. I did have some great rye toast. My spouse was much happier with her order of eggs over easy.

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