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Oct 9, 2013 04:16 PM

Cafe Galleria in Lambertville Reporting Back

So we did dinner at Cafe Galleria. First, be aware it is BYOB. The salads and onion soup were great. I ordered the tuna which was good. My spouse tried a sesame chicken, shrimp dish that was just ok. Our dinner companions did not say too much about their entrees so you can take that however you want. If I were to return I would keep to the simpler items on the menu.

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  1. Cafe Galleria has been around for a while. They have places in Doylestown and Stockton as well. I have always thought of them as more of a casual lunch place as compared to a dinner destination. Sorry your food was not up to snuff. Unfortunately New Hope and Lambertville have a lot of mediocre food, as they are able to survive on the tourist throngs.

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      Am not aware of cafe galleria in Stockton . Do you have an address?

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        I think you mean Doylestown and Lahaska.
        I've had some decent meals at their Doylestown location, with the outdoor seating a plus.
        Yes, the New Hope-Lambertville area has lots of mediocre food. But, it also has more than a few fine places to eat.
        Without starting a redundant thread, a search of either the NJ or Philadelphia boards will find previous discussions on hounds' favorite places in the area.

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          Famdoc thanks.. confused Lillys with Cafe Galleria. And the Lahaska location is no longer owned by the folks that own the Lambertville location.

      2. I work in the area so have lunch there occasionally. I like their pizzas, sandwiches and hummus. Love the pear and brie pizza. Not sure I'd expect too much for dinner, though. The same people also own City Market in Lambertville, which has good sandwiches, soups, prepared foods. and bakery items.