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Oct 9, 2013 04:01 PM

Ready Made Pastry dough, or from a mix

So I like making things like pot pies in the winter and I used to buy ready made frozen pie crust, in an individual size pie. I would just flip it over and make it the lid. Now I can't find the smaller size, only tart shells or the big (regular) size. I also can't find any kind of a mix (just add water etc). Help pls.

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  1. I wonder whether any grocers with in-house bakery (Whole Foods, Choices, Save On) might make an order of pie rounds for you... I've ordered plain sheet cakes from Save On. YMMV, and will probably depend on the store.

    What city/region are you in?

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      I'm near Main St and Broadway, but have car will travel....

    2. i was in an independent supermarket recently and they had frozen portions of un-rolled pastry (labelled as sweet pastry) in the freezer section near the frozen bread dough. This was Claytons Market in Sechelt BC for anyone who has a cottage up that way on the Sunshine coast, BC.

      i can't speak to the quality or other aspects of it as I did not buy it ... but i noticed it. I usually get Pillsbury (next to all the other pillsbury refrigerated products - tho i used to be a dedicated home-made and good at it pastry maker. Just don't need all that flour all over everything any longer ; )

      1. Puff pastry works well for this, and you can cut it to size / roll it out

        1. Depending upon the actual dimensions of the pie you'd prefer, the pastry sheets from Gourmet Warehouse may work well. They are in the freezer; just thaw and cut. Or make square pie :)