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Oct 9, 2013 02:59 PM

Garlic bed and sun question

I bought hardneck garlic to plant in a spot I planned to make into a raised bed. However now that autumn is here the spot I picked no longer gets much sun. When we moved here it was summer and this was a sunny sheltered spot next to the garage and a fence. If I plant now and cover the bed with hay does it matter if there is little to no sun? I know it will be full sun again in May through August. We live in southern New England and should plant the garlic in late October/early November.

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  1. I'm thinking the sun will matter a little as long as there is green showing. What will be the minimum hours of sun? Does yours usually sprout in the fall? Will there be snow cover? When does it come up in the spring?

    Here is a thread on gardenweb

    "Garlic's Sun Requirement based on Season"

    "Growing Great Garlic" says "good spring and summer is a prerequisite for quality."

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      Thank-you for answering me. This is my first attempt as I have just moved from an urban life to the country. The links are very helpful.

    2. I've been getting a great harvest of large bulbs from a full sun location but remember, garlic does most of the growing in spring and early summer. I harvest in mid-July. Maybe your location is fine. Give it a try. The very most important requirement is good fertility. I usually give my beds a yearly addition of a couple of inches of aged horse manure. Before I plant (maybe today!) I will add a mixture of organic fertilizer.