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Oct 9, 2013 02:32 PM

Kid-Friendly Paso Wineries?

A bit of an oxymoron, I know, but do they exist? My husband and I have an opportunity to be in Paso Robles in early November. We'd like to visit some wineries, but will have our (truly well-behaved) 18 month old daughter with us. We don't want to miss the chance to taste some great wine, but also don't want to impede on any other visitors' tasting experience.

I'd love any recommendations on what wineries may be a better atmosphere for a young family (other than Tobin James - not the experience we're after!). We are interested in visiting Turley, Tablas Creek and Linne Calodo (the last by apt. only, I think). Would those wineries be accommodating? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't think most wineries would have a problem. The usuall issue with wineries and kids is, the kids get bored. If you have that handled, go for it.

    As to your list. I think Turley is over rated and Linne Calodo may require an appointment. A couple other West Side wineries to consider would be Halter Ranch and Le Cuvier

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      Thanks for your input. We visited Turley a while back - 2007, I believe - and enjoyed it. We're kinda curious to see how it has evolved. We visited Halter Ranch around that same time. I wasn't enamored with it, but am willing to try it again. Thanks for the rec on Le Cuvier. Looks interesting.

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        I'll qualify Halter a bit. I primarily go there for his whies and rose. His reds are good as well, but the others stand out. Around 2007, I'd have to agree with you about them. He has improved quiote a bit in the last couple of Yeasr. If reds areyour focus, I still like Le cuvier. It's a bit of a hike, but I'd also add Dunning to the list for reds. A real nice couple running the place.

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            We were up in Paso over the weekend to do some pickups. Halter was OK, but not what I've had in the past. They were sold out of a lot of their better wines and the inventory probably won't change before spring.

            Le Cuvier was quite good, as usual. I still do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

            Dunning was also still up to what I expect. I still push them when people as about wineries. New for them is a small lot of rose (20 cases) very nice.

    2. Thacher Winery in the Far Out Group off Peachy Canyon Road has old farm equipment and nice open areas for play and picnicking. They have kids themselves.

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