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Oct 9, 2013 01:59 PM

First time visit, what's great (and quiet)?

Visiting the Chicago area for the first time this weekend. Staying in Evanston, but with a car. Recommendations for really great food? Price isn't a critical issue, but restaurants where you don't have to scream would be great. Also, I adore doughnuts and can't get them locally. Thank you!

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  1. That says go to oceanique to me!

    1. Chicago is such a massive city and has a vast amount of amazing restaurants, so it is a bit difficult to answer your question without more information about your preferences. I will throw out some ideas of venues that are not loud, have great food and likely have availability:

      Fine Dining: Moto (modern/molecular gastronomy), Sixteen (Fine dining).

      Upscale: The Lobby at the Peninsula, Acadia, Senza, Boka

      Modern Asian Fusion: Embeya, Yusho, Kabocha

      Italian: Piccolo Sogno Due

      Hawaiian: Sola

      Chinese: Sun Wah BBQ

      Ethiopian: Ras Dashen

      Deep Dish Pizza: Lou Malnatis, Pizanos, Pizzeria Uno & Due

      Brunch: Jam, Bongo Room, M Henry,

      Doughnuts: Glazed & Infused, Endgrain, Do-Rite

      Gelato: Black Dog

      Pies: Hoosier Mama

      Cocktail Lounge: Berkshire Room

      FYI: All of these are in the city of Chicago; others hopefully can provide some nice venues in Evanston.

      1. In downtown Evanston: Dixie Kitchen. I do prefer Gonzo70's recs though

        For donuts in Evanston: Bennison's Bakery(try their breads and other pastries if you don't like their donut selection). If you are headed downtown Chicago, besides the ones listed previously, you can also try Firecakes.