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Oct 9, 2013 01:25 PM

Panera Bread and Bottom Dollar Food opening in East Windsor

I was driving by and saw the signs.

Panera Breads will be on Route 130 in the empty lot next to the Chase Bank.

Bottom Dollar Foods will be in the same shopping center as Staples.

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  1. Atlanta Bread Co. was in the same general area as Panera's new spot. Didn't make it that long. I don't eat at Panera, but hear they are decent. Will try it when they open, what the hay.

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    1. re: jethro

      I think Atlanta Bread Co was closed by the time I moved to the area.

      I like Panera because they actually use dishes and silverware. I usually get the 1/2 sandwich + 1/2 soup or 1/2 sandwich + 1/2 salad "special".

    2. Anyone ever been to Bottom Dollar Food? I hear their radio commercials all the time and assumed it was similar to Aldi, but their website says they also carry name brands. I'm intrigued!

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      1. re: punkin712

        I stopped in one in Bordentown not long after they opened. Had a strange smell (another woman commented about it just as I noticed it) and they have a very limited selection. It is more of a supermarket than Aldi, but they may only have one or two brands/flavors of a particular product.