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Oct 9, 2013 01:22 PM


need good restaurants

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  1. Well, your question gets certainlly to the point.
    I haven't been in a while but Rabanel's joint and La Chassagnette were pretty good last time Colette and I were in the area.

    1. Yes - some more details would be useful

        1. Had a great meal in a lovely setting in August at le Bistrot Mogador at the Chateau de l'Estoublon in Fontvielle. If I remember correctly, it was 32€ for 3 courses. There's also the Bistrot du Paradou (in le Paradou) about which much has already been written - 51€ for starter (possible choice of 2), no-choice main, cheese platter, choice of dessert, wine & coffee. Haven't been to Atelier Jean-Luc Rabanel in several years either, but it's recommended highly in other CH posts.

          1. We strongly recommend the drive out to La Teline in the Camargue. It is a singular experience, simple, honest, sincere and delicious. Here is what I wrote after our spring visit. FWIW, we will return next spring.


            La Chassagnette was a major disappointment. Our dinner there is described at the bottom of the above post.