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Oct 9, 2013 12:59 PM

Chicken Pot Pie - pre-bake crust?

Im going to be making a couple of fairly large chicken pot pies next week. Should the bottom crust be pre-baked? Any other tips? Lest I mislead anyone I will be using boneless skinless chicken thighs and frozen chopped vegetables. I can use either cream of ____ soup, make the sauce, or some combination thereof, although probably the filling will be pre-made the day before and poured into the pie shells before baking.

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  1. A blank bake would be fine on the bottom crust. No need on the top.

    1. I have never prebaked a pie shell when making cpp. I would definitely make a sauce using a roux, chicken stock and finished with a bit of cream. I always use a little sherry, garlic and thyme and finish it with lemon juice and parsley.

      1. I've always thought that a traditional, home-made chicken pot-pie has only a top crust -- so no prebaking of the crust.

        I typically make a veloute sauce, rather than cream sauce for ccp -- i.e., using chicken broth, thickened with a roux, no milk or cream.

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          Oh, I never do it without a bottom crust - it's one of the best parts for me. So for me, yes, pre-bake the bottom. But of course many feel more like masha and don't care about a bottom crust, and in that case as she says certainly no need to prebake that.

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            A two-crust pie creates an enormous dumpling in the form of the bottom crust.

          2. I love the 2-crust style of pot pie. But I've never pre-baked the bottom crust, nor is there any real need to do so. A light roux based gravy is a must, but if I'm pre-making pies that are freezer bound, I'll use some modified cornstarch in the gravy as well, since modified starch doesn't break down and turn watery over time the way a flour thickened gravy inecitably will.

            1. I like double crust better but I love pie crust. Trader Joe's has a great frozen pie crust if you have one near you. I think it's better when you prebake the bottom (absorbs the sauce better) but then you run into the problem of getting the the top and bottom stick together when you put the top on so I rarely do. Make a white sauce/gravy instead of the cream soup. Frozen veggies are the best way to go, imo, for cpp.

              If you want to get fancier, poach chicken thighs w/ bones. Remove when done. Throw the bones back in w/ seasoning, veggies like onions, celery, carrots and simmer for a few hours. Strain and you have chicken stock to make the pie. It's simple but takes time (although the simmer part can be done in the crock pot). Anyway, hope that didn't complicate your question. If you want quick and easy, just poach the boneless chicken thighs and use box stock.