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Oct 9, 2013 12:26 PM

Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition

Curious as to whether the 2013 Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition is out yet. Typically a Fall release, last year it was already out at this time but I haven't seen the 2013. Have I missed it?

Anyone have any information to share?

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  1. No information to share but .. mmmmmm can't wait. :)

    1. It's out but I haven't seen it in any of our local stores

      1. Distribution of liquor is regional so things are released at different times in different regions. For Kentucky bourbon, typically it comes out in Kentucky first, but can take a month or more to make it to California.

        The Four Roses is out in some places, but I haven't seen it in California yet and wouldn't expect it for a while, possibly another month.

        1. I know I was able to get some in Kentucky at the end of September. Have not seen it in the pricebook for Michigan yet. Not sure the status for other states.

          1. I've seen it in Toronto Canada but it's all sold out.