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Oct 9, 2013 11:59 AM

Seeking Flushing Roosevelt/Prince Guidance

I am aware of the wealth of CH reporting on the several Chinese places in this area. Here's my situation:

Friends are in town for one night at a hotel. I was having a hard time coming up with a meeting place to dine & visit w/ them. Then they told me that a) they were totally committed to good/exciting food and b) they were staying at Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel (this is, like, right at Prince/Main/Roosevelt)......problem solved, I think.

I have never been to this area or to any of the talked about places like Spicy & Tasty, Fu Run, Szechuan Gourmet and Little Pepper.

Can I get guidance please. I need a place that will provide pleasant, unrushed, comfortable, non-mayhem dining. This is first & foremost a social occasion with friends I have not seen in 15 years. Can any of these places (or any other suggestions in the area) provide this sort of atmosphere along with good food? FWIW we will be dining on a Friday at 7.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. How about The East Lake Cantonese seafood restaurant @Prince and 37th?

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    1. re: diprey11

      I had forgotten this one. I just went and brought up Lau's splendid review from 3/12. Looks like a strong choice.
      I'd love if you could elaborate on your recommendation. If not, thanks for the suggestion.

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        All the restaurants you mention are excellent, as are the Taiwanese place on the corner of 39th and Prince and the Shanghai place on 39th just off of Prince. But none of these are quiet and leisurely, words that seldom fit Chinese places even in Asia. East Lake or perhaps better Imperial palace (not on Prince, but only a couple of blocks away on the other side of Main St.) are more upscale--but still not what I would think of as "Leisurely and quiet". There is a private room in Spicy and Tasty, and there might be one in Fu Run--that would be a good solution.

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          Here is a really knowledgeable and practical review from a member of this community:

          The only recommendation I would add is this. If you really enjoy the Cantonese-style steamed fish, you will likely be asked by the head waiter if you'd consider a special, more expensive, kind of live fish. Always say yes, even if it costs $30+ more: they won't cheat. In general, it always makes sense to ask what kind of fish they have.

          Also, they have a liquor license, if you are interested.

          The Imperial Palace (mentioned below) is a sister restaurant owned by the same family (the Chinese name is the same, The East Lake). They are very similar, but old-time customers will always have their opinions.

      2. we went to Biang! after a Mets game a couple weeks back on a Saturday night...around 8 if i recall correctly ... and had a lovely meal in the back garden. great dishes, and a very relaxed time, with no pressure to eat and run. it's on Main at 41st or so. sorry i don't remember the exact address.

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          i second Biang! for a one shot deal for out of towners. great traditional dishes with a modern twist.

        2. I'd go to Imperial Palace

          1. Thank you for the responses. I've done a bunch of reading and unquestionably, Imperial is a strong contender. I welcome more thoughts.
            And btw, your point, swannee, is taken. Perhaps I overstated the level of serenity I was seeking or perhaps I was seeking unrealistic tranquility. I guess what I hope for is a place several steps up from a combat zone where people say "who cares! The food is amazing!"

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              A combat zone? I don't follow

              1. re: AubWah

                Old school usage. Street hustle bustle.

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                  Imperial Palace is a grandiose banquet space, perhaps you are looking for something more gritty?

                  1. re: JonL

                    If you want something more bare bones and gritty, try Lao Dong Bei . Too far a walk maybe

              2. How many people will be in your party all together? Where are your friends coming in from? That might influence your destination. Fu Run or Spicy and Tasty are not going to hand over a private room to 3-4 people. Also, Fu Run's "private room" is within their main dining room. Little Pepper is a short hike from the area via car or bus. Lao Chengdu is nearby and should be considered as well.


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                  Thank you. We are a party of 3. Even if a private room were a viable option, it does not interest us. After discussion we have decided on Imperial Palace, armed with a handful of plan B's.

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                    Imperial Palace is great. I love their filet of bass with tofu casserole and clams vietnamese style.