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Oct 9, 2013 11:58 AM

Thanksgiving in Sherbrooke

Hello fellow Chowhounders,
I am writing on behalf of my sister whose youngest son is studying at Bishop's. He is not able to come home for Thanksgiving and she is distraught that he will be mssing this highest of family holidays! Do you know of any place that will be serving a traditional dinner? Food services at Bishop's are not doing anything special. Thanksgiving not celebrated in Quebec? She'd like to make reservations for him and the roommates. Spoiled, lucky boy!
merci beaucoup

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  1. Hands down the best option is Hovey Manoir. The room is elegant and wonderful, they will love it. I am a Quebecer, Anglo mom Franco dad, and I have always celebrated thanksgiving.

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    1. re: Gloriaa

      The menu looks lovely- thanks Gloriaa!

    2. Thanksgiving is celebrated much less in Québec than elsewhere in Canada. Some people do celebrate it.

      1. Which Thanksgiving ?

        The Canadian one, this next weekend, or the American one in November ?

        Anyway, in both cases, it is less celebrated here in Québec than in the US.

        If in Sherbrooke, you could try Dany St-Pierre's "August" restaurant, probably not traditional "thanksgiving" food, but probably solid franco-québecois cuisine.

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          I meant the Canadian one. The US one is not a holiday here, of course. However some US expats do celebrate it, as they do in many other countries.

          There is plenty of good autumnal food about, including game.

        2. I'm with all the other posters here. I'm in Sherbrooke and no place I know of is offering any Thanksgiving meal riffs.

          Your most likely bet is your nephew making friends with an Anglophone family in Lennoxville and getting invited to their dinner!

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            Thanks for the responses. I think my sister is going to have him go to Hovey Manoir. The missing of Thanksgiving is a bigger deal for her than him- he'd be fine with beer and pizza!
            I remember when I was a student at Laval and made a traditional meal for my French Canadian friends. While they enjoyed the turkey, they hated the pumpkin pie!

          2. Are you talking American or Canadian Thanksgiving? If American, suggest he go down to Burlington and find an appropriate place to eat. In Canada, Thanksgiving is a nice holiday with family and great food, but definitely not the 'highest of family holidays'.

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              And in Québec, often not often that. More a day off.