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Freezing Cheese

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I won a raffle prize in which I receive a monthly delivery of Kerrygold cheeses and butters. This month, in addition to my regularly, they sent a gorgeous round of Cashel Blue. I love the cheese, but I think even I would be hard-pressed to go through almost 4 lbs of blue cheese in a short period of time. Any ideas on storage (or use? I'd love ideas on how to use up a large amount of cheese.)

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  1. Compound butter, cheese sauce for Mac n' cheese supreme, have a wine, & cheese party!

    1. It will keep for a very long time if stored properly in the back of the fridge, even longer if vacuum sealed.

      Once you cut it open you might want to try freezing a small piece for a week, then thawing it and checking if the quality is acceptable for your purposes. Some cheeses freeze okay, some turn into a crumbly mess. But even a crumbly mess can still be used for anything that requires crumbled or melted cheese.