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Oct 9, 2013 11:38 AM

Quality gnocchi in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens

I would like to enjoy a plate of homemade gnocchi for dinner (possibly al ragu', but I'm flexible). I like nice, fluffy light gnocchi as opposed to the heavy/dense variety. Any suggestions?

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  1. Grab a bar seat at Hearth and order their gnocchi side. Not a tomato/red sauce, but really good.

    For Brooklyn & Queens, try the Outer Boroughs board.


    1. Hearth and Craft are best in the city IMO. Not the leaden, gummy paperweights often found in the Italian american spots.

      1. Another nod to Hearth, of course. For something a little easier on the wallet but just as good, L'Artusi actually makes a very good gnocchi.

        For something a little less traditional but delicious and interesting, consider the smoked chicken meatball ricotta gnocchi at Fedora, the tofu gnocchi at Musket Room and the creamy gnudi at Spotted Pig.

        1. The gnocchi at Betony is as light as they come. Supersized (the gnocchi, not the dish which meant as a middle course), super soft, with corn and corn butter if I recall.

          By contrast, the gnocchi at Mercato is very small, firm, but with fantastic ragu

          Gnocchi in Eataly is nice as well but forgot the details

          1. If you're ok trying it with durum (as opposed to potato) flour, give the Gnochetti dish at Marea a try.