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Bareburger coming to Hartsdale.

Saw hiring ad on craigslist. Are they any good? Has anyone been to any of their 14 locations in NYC and boroughs, and long Island?

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  1. Yes!!!!! For a chain it's great!!

    1. What is the location in Hartsdale?

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        I found this online.
        265 N Central Ave, Hartsdale, NY 10530
        (914) 949-2900

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          Thanks. Took a look at the website and it looks pretty interesting, They also serve wine and beer--a big plus.

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          it's where the bread factory was- other end of shopping center from trader joe's- (i think) after awhile all those shopping centers run together

        3. They are open! I'm going this weekend and will report back.

          1. I had previously been to the one in the city on E. 73 st...went to the Hartsdale one a few nights ago. Enjoyed both a lot. Hartsdale is a big space, completely redone from the (very) lame Bread Factory. Nice bar with good beers on tap...and while the menu had lots of esoteric burger choices: elk, ostrich, bean among others, i went old school: beef burger and fries. Both were excellent, i think way better than Westchester Burger and as good or better than most bar burgers. Evereything on the menu is organic, which is nice, but ultimately it comes down to taste...for me Bareburger passes the test. I'll be back...

            1. stopped by just to see it thursday after lunch.first, i am a paraplegic and use a chair almost exclusively. the receptionist (robin) could not have been nicer- also two other managers greeted me, while i sat there, they almost insisted i try something - i finally did have a blueberry soda - from a maine company- good but more of a summer drink imho. I am hoping to go back saturday for lunch- the biggest problem is deciding what to have- it all sounds very good. anyway , I hope they do well

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                51rich, I'm so glad they treated you considerately. That is a very good sign. Please let us know how you like the food if you go back. I believe they serve breakfast on the weekends, so we might try that.

              2. They're on Groupon today, $12 for $20. Bad news, less than a 50% discount. Good news, none of the usual nonsense where they specify what you have to order and inflate the value of the deal.


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                  your making it even harder for me to delay going.I have an early new years resolution- eat healthier(need to lose weight-especially being in a wheelchair and less spending- but i did grab 2 (the max # allowed ) of groupon coupons. Really anxious to try them.

                2. I went last weekend and really enjoyed it! I've previously been to the location in Forest Hills, which is tiny compared to the one in Hartsdale. Same decor, lots of wood, nice, not fussy interior. Plenty of comfortable seating and a nice bar area. We sat in a big booth and had a nice leisurely meal. The service was bordering on terrible, but the waitress was earnest and friendly and apologetic for her forgetfulness and slight disorganization. They enter all the orders on Ipads, which makes for a weird semi-human interaction with ordering (no eye contact during ordering, they just tap tap tap in the order).

                  Food was great-- we shared a big salad three ways. Their draft beers are by default only available in huge sizes. I ordered a cider and unbeknownst to me it came in a huge 22 oz bottle (they are definitely losing money on that one!) that I ended up having to share otherwise it would have gone to waste. I love the customizable nature of the burgers. My sister and I both got beef burgers which we agreed were a touch past the medium we'd ordered them to be, so I'd go med-rare next time. My husband's elk burger was lean and tasty. Love their fries and multiple dipping sauces. We shared an ice cream sandwich three ways, just the perfect size for a little sweet to cap off the meal.

                  Not cheap by any means-- it worked out to about $25-30 a person-- but I like their philosophy and the quality of their ingredients, and it's a really nice atmosphere to sit down in. I'll definitely be back when I'm in the area.

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                    Which salad did you have? I enjoyed the beet and goat cheese. The Asian salad was supposed to have broccoli slaw, but it was almost all cabbage with a bit of carrot and cucumber. The dried edamame garnish was okay, but overall I think it was missing some key elements.

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                      Hmm, I think it was a pretty simple farmhouse salad because we couldn't agree on one of the more interesting ones, but the menu on the website isn't loading for me right now to check. There were some really delicious sauteed mushrooms in it. There was too much frisee in it for my liking but it was enormous and made us feel a bit less guilty about the burger and fries. :)

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                        I'm having trouble with the online menu as well. It seemed like their location's hard-copy menu was a bit different than the online menu anyway.

                        I love the idea of the sauteed mushrooms in the salad. So far, I haven't had a burger from there on a bun, only as a salad add-on. The lamb patty was decent. The other eaters in my house enjoyed the Maui Wowie with elk and the California with wild boar. Have you tried the sweet potato croquettes? They were rather savory and a nice thing to share. I can see them pairing well with some of the cider you mentioned. ;)

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                          Ooh, those croquettes sound delicious! Next time for sure! Thanks for the tip.