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Oct 9, 2013 11:01 AM

Just ordered a shrimp roti from the Real Jerk for take-out

All these thoughts of roti's here made me order a shrimp roti from the Real Jerk for lunch. I decided to try the one at the Real Jerk today, and next time I will try the one at Simone's for comparison. I very rarely order roti's and other Caribbean food but with two places opening close to home this past week, I thought I'd try both out a few times. I just finished eating the roti from the Real Jerk. (9.50 + tax = $10.74 ). Since the article on chicken rotis in NOW from 2011 specified the weight of each roti they tried, I weighed mine, it was 519 grams/ 18 oz.. It had a good amount of large shrimp that were of very good quality. (not mushy or soft). The gravy inside was very mild, I think at that spice level just about anyone could eat it without a problem. I had expected it to be a bit hotter, perhaps I have to specify that. The roti skin was nice and thin, in comparison to some I have had which are made of thicker layers. Overall, I enjoyed it. I'll check out the shrimp roti at Simone's next. Caribbean DutchPot does not offer a shrimp roti.

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  1. Good to hear. What's the space inside like in terms of cleanliness, etc?

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      There is lot's of space, one room (south end) has about 10 tables and the bar is in a separate room at the north end. I think there is one small room for about 6 people in the middle, and the kitchen is also situated somewhere in the middle. It appeared clean, but then it's only been open about a week. I was there last Friday and sat in the main room, it was about 30% filled at that time. They have a few large sheets of corrugated iron with various scenes painted on them, possibly those came from the previous location. The main thing which I didn't like and thought was odd is that they covered all the windows with corrugated plastic sheet attached to the window with duct tape! It really looks bad and I am not sure why they want to hide the inside from outside. It gave me a weird feeling, like maybe I shouldn't be sitting in there.

    2. I know you are near the Danforth so was wondering if you'd tried the Guyanese place that's opened in the last year?

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        I don't know which place you mean. I actually don't go looking for Caribbean food much at all, but decided to try it a bit in the past week since the Real Jerk re-opened and Simone's opened on Danforth. Today I ordered various items from Simone's for lunch, including a shrimp roti. I just haven't written anything about that one yet. The shrimp were much smaller than yesterday's roti from TRJ.