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Oct 9, 2013 09:53 AM

Help with premiem Creme de Cassis

My fella really loves Cassis and I was wondering if anyone can recommend some premium brands?

I'm live in the UK and most of my brand searches through the t'interwebs have lead me to European and American sites which isn't so helpful :/

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  1. Whereabouts in the UK are you?
    I'm from London and the Gabriel Boudier brand is readily available. If this isn't premium enough the I'd suggest the Master of the Malt website which has 2 day delivery.

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    1. re: Paprikaboy

      I'm in Nottingham. There's a specialist booze merchant I might be able to get some ordered in from but I don't really know what I'm ordering. I'll check out the website so thanks :)