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Oct 9, 2013 09:31 AM

Carribean Dutchpot on Broadview (or any recommendations for Roti on the Danforth?)

I'm thinking about trying the Roti for dinner from the Carribean Dutchpot tonight, searched the board but didn't come up with much. Just wondering if anyone has tried it and if so thoughts?
Also wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Since moving to the east end I have been missing my rotis from Island Foods.

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  1. I have not tried it, but Caribbean Dutchpot's boneless chicken roti was rated #1 in this article in NOW ragazine from 2011:

    I have tried the chicken roti at the brand new Simone's at 596 Danforth and I liked that one, plus I can walk there, but have to try the Dutch Pot sometime soon.

    1. Have you tried Guayanese on the south side west of Donlands? Good roti there.

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      1. re: julesrules

        I had the goat roti at the one at danforth & donlands and the meat was tough and the sauce was thick in a not pleasant way.

        looked promising with the lady heating up the roti shell on the flat top (not microwave) but I was disapointed by the flavours. is the chicken much better?

        i do like their jerk chicken (kind of standard taste...not destination worthy) and the rice and peas taste really good.

        1. re: grandgourmand

          The chicken is better. The veg may be where it's at though. I find the shells are good but can get a bit gummy in places - I kind of assumed that was because they are house made. What did you think?
          I wasn't in love with the jerk, and my kids couldn't even eat the stew chicken they suggested to me as a non-spicy alternative (not sure if there was miscommunication as the person I spoke to didn't end up doing the prep).
          It's possible that as a local I want to like this place more than I actually do - like many such spots they started strong but the menu seems to have shrunk down a lot to just the basics and even those not always available. She wouldn't sell me goat last time as she said it was all bone. She threw some in for free so I shouldn't complain but it was super chewy

          1. re: julesrules

            I tried the Guyanese place on the Danforth when it was something else and truthfully we weren't thrilled with it. I would try it again now under new ownership.
            I'm gonna go for the Caribbean dutchpot tonight, yum!
            Will report back.
            I didn't realize that Simone's did take out, will check that out at some point soon.

            1. re: Baelsette

              How many restaurants don't do take out?

              Remember, Caribbean dutchpot may be different from Caribbean Dutch Pot!

              1. re: foodyDudey

                I'm not sure of the exact number :-) I will get back to you.
                I have encountered a few that don't, that's all!
                Walked by Simone's this evening and they were handing out take out menus, restaurant looked busy which was nice.
                Just about to launch into my chicken roti from Caribbean dutchpot!

                1. re: foodyDudey

                  I've heard, next time I'm out that way I"m definitely going!!

                2. re: Baelsette

                  No the Jamaican place there wasn't good (although I think they too started out better then went really downhill - dinner food seemed to be the lunch leftovers, they probably just didn't have enough customers). The new ownership started out strong and they are nice people. I think that whole block is tough.

            2. re: julesrules

              Tried Guyanese a while ago and it was uniformly lousy. Soggy fried items, Jerk that wasn't spicy and not very marinated (flavour only on surface), and OK chicken curry and Rice and Peas.

              Haven't been back in nearly a year. FYI.

            3. Cool Runnings near main street station has a good Veggie roti.

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              1. re: garfield

                Add Danforth Roti to the veggie roti list. Way out at Dawes though.