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Oct 9, 2013 05:21 AM

American Farmers Network - Humanely raised, grass fed, organic meats. Anyone have experience with them?

This showed up on one of the "deal" sites, Amazon, I believe.

Pasture Raised, Free Range, No Growth Hormones, Antibiotics or Pesticides

Has anyone tried their products? I'm not a big fan of Omaha Steaks and wonder if it's similar to that or better.

It would be nice to grab the deal if the food is good!


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  1. Seems wildly expensive. Especially when they give no indication as to where, exactly, their "network" farms.

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      1. Yes... almost 2 weeks ago I placed an order for American Farmer's $99 Amazon deal which ultimately required customers to plug their Amazon voucher codes into an order process via the vendor's website. I followed directions and, after a few days of hearing NOTHING from American Farmers (customary order confirmation or shipping notice apparently not part of their business practice), I attempted to reach them by phone (3 times) in the middle of the day. I was unable to reach a human at either 'customer service' or 'new orders' numbers, nor could I get a callback. Subsequent product inquiry submitted via their own website was similarly unsuccessful. It finally required a complaint to, and follow up by, Amazon in order for me to learn the fate of my order (and it took the vendor 2 days to reply to Amazon). According to info provided to Amazon by the American Farmers, the order is presently 'on the way' as of 'earlier in the week', and should reach me 'soon'. It's Friday evening here and I'm a bit concerned as to the state in which my order of fresh meat products will finally reach me (stay tuned for a follow up).

        In any case, I'm left with the impression that these elusive 'American Farmers' amount to a couple clueless hicks operating out of the trunk of a car somewhere and strongly recommend you find other sources for a more reliable supply of meat products.

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        1. re: metacognito

          Took almost a month for me to get my delivery. Absolutely horrible company, horrible customer service, and the meats are worst. After tasting the " filet ", with so much fat and tough chewing, I wouldn't feed these meats to my Afghan Hounds. They really ought to be ashamed of themselves.
          I cannot believe that Amazon would associate with them.

          1. re: Merci

            Tell amazon. They'll make it right with you or lose the seller, in all probability. They take their fanatical customer service pretty seriously.

            1. re: mcf

              Thanks to your suggestion, I did then call Amazon and they refunded me! yayyy Amazon!

              1. re: GRILLCHEF

                I got a refund also. Thanks people for posting. As I said, my dog and cat would not finish it. The meat has gristle in it and the animals aren't that stupid to eat tough junk sold to humans. What a laugh! DONT BUY THIS STUFF. IT IS JUNK!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I used this deal back in June to order meat for my dad for his birthday. It came super quickly…actually before his birthday, and he raved about the meat. I decided to try it myself just now. The ordering process was pretty easy, and I immediately received an email confirmation. Maybe things have changed since that last poster. Anyway, I am awaiting my meat now. I will have to update when it arrives, and I finally get to taste.

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            1. re: Aggean

              Ok, the meat came and it looks great. FYI they only ship Monday-Wednesday. When they ship, they send you a tracking number. Everything is packed in freezer ready bags. Overall, I have had 2 great experiences with this company.

                1. re: dhartman

                  Yes! My husband loved the strip steak, but I preferred the filets. Everything was great. I have since ordered 2 more big orders including hamburgers, chicken breasts, and boneless pork chops in addition to the steaks. Everything has been tasty so far (of course I still have a freezer full to go, but the cuts look good, not overly fatty).