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Any restaurants serving tongue (DTW)?

I've heard that tongue is delicious, and am curious to try it.

Are there any restaurants serving it in the Detroit area?

Or anyone know of any in NYC? I travel there once a month.

Last month I was in NYC and ordered a tongue taco, but they were out of tongue that day. Ears were also on the menu, but I was hesitant to try them!

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  1. I saw tongue taco on the menu at Tienda Mexicana in Madison Heights, hardly a restaurant as it's a tiny kitchen in a grocery store. But definitely worth a visit.

    1. Most authentic Mexican restaurants will have tongue available as a meat option in various dishes- tacos, tortas etc.
      Any good authentic Jewish deli will have tongue sandwiches on the menu.
      What area in DTW is convienent for you?
      If you are in NYC go to Katz's

      1. You can get deli tongue at Star Deli on 12 Mile. Very good along with everything else there. There used to be an extremely good tongue dish at Kitchen Hanzo on Haggerty but last couple of times I was there it was not on the menu. New Seoul Garden in Southfield has tongue on their Korean BBQ menu.

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          1. middle eastern restaurants often have on the menu too

            1. Mi Pueblo on Dix Rd. definitely has tongue (lengua) and other head meats. Pleasant, family-oriented place. One thing I've seen there and nowhere else is vampiros, beet juice.

              1. Tongue? Tongue? Why it's already been in someone's mouth!

                1. Damm!
                  Now I want tongue for lunch!
                  in Ann Arbor-Taco King & TMAZ have tongue

                  1. Great. I live in Troy.

                    When in NYC - my office is at 34th and Park. I can go to Katzs one night for dinner next week.

                    I'd like to try it in a few dishes. Thanks!

                    1. All Ajami in Dearborn, 15 minutes from DTW, does lamb tongue well. And brain.

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                        Lamb's tongue at Beirut Palace is one of my favorites. The one at Maple + Dequindre has it as a sandwich which I take deconstructed with the salad (vinegar and cucumber) cool pita and is excellent.

                        As previously mentioned tienda Mexicana at 13.5 and John R has a fantastic braised linqua taco. Try the salsa verde with it.
                        BTW: The #99.5 sandwich at Star Deli in Southfield has an infamous creator but the 1/2 tongue 1/2 pastrami uses pickled tongue which is good in it's own right but has a brined tongue taste (pastrami like) rather than braised. Most other deli's have the braised version. Be sure to ask if they cut it on a slicer or hand cut as in Bread Basket (Oak Park) which cuts it in larger chunks ( I like it this style when it's not mixed with other meats) and be sure to get the deli mustard on the double baked rye.

                      2. Yes, Tacos de lengua on many taqueria menus.

                        1. detroit freep is stealing from CH again

                          Tongue review here:

                          freep had italian sandwiches & donuts articles recently - stolen from our CH discussions

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                            But....they beat us to places as well, The Stand, for a recent example. Team work. :-)

                          2. Yes I LOVE the tongue,,,, almost all Mexican eating spots in Southwest Detroit offer it and the food trucks too. My favorite is at Los Alto's that make the Torta sandwich with Tongue, the Middle Eastern version is Lamb Tongue I like best is found at Tuhamas on Warren ave in Dearborn. I've has several great Beef Tongue sandwich at the Bread Basket Deli chain.