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Oct 9, 2013 02:31 AM

San Jose Brkfst near Convention Center?

Ideas? In town for the State Bar Annual Meeting, and I hate hotel brkfst (and the price of hotel brkfst). Great oatmeal for the Woman In The Hat a plus...

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  1. Original Joe's? I've not had the morning meal there, but it's a classic.

    German Muesli is on the menu at La Luna Sucree

    This is probably heresy, but the closest Jamba Juice is 211 South 9th Street. Wonder how the organic steelcut oatmeal is?

    1. There's Flames Eatery & Bar, 88 S. 4th St - breakfast, lunch, dinner place.

      Whispers Cafe & Creperie, 150 S. 2nd St - this is new, I want to try it one day.