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Oct 9, 2013 02:02 AM

Are Ambrosia Apples worth $2 each?

That's the price that was rung up when I was shopping recently at the discount store everyone loves to hate. I chose the Ambrosia apples over any of the other varieties because they looked fresher and felt maybe firmer. Granted, the store had only one bin full of the these apples, compared to multiple bins of all the other varieties, and I couldn't find a shelf price tag, so I should have been a tad suspicious or at least curious about price.

The cashier and I were both shocked at a price of $2 per apple. I declined to get them at that price. I don't know how much each apple weighed, but I weighted the biggest apple I have when I got home, and it was just over 11 ounces.

I don't recall the prices for the other apples, but I typically pay that price per pound. I try to avoid paying more per pound than 1.99, for at 2.50 and up for a large apple, that prices pushes the price close to $2.00 an apple.

Is an Ambrosia apple worth $2 a piece? What makes them so special?

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  1. I have no idea but at only $2, why didn't you grab one and see if it's worth it. If it's not, you're only out a couple bucks.


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      Why be out $2 when you can get a strangers opinion for free?

    2. IMO, (other than cooking) if it's not a (fresh) Macoun, why bother?

      1. Ambrosias are my absolute favorite apples, super-crisp with an almost floral aroma and a pleasing sweet-tart flavor. Unfortunately they're only available a couple of months each year around here. I'd gladly pay $2 apiece if I could get them year-round.

          1. They are good. This weekend I did PYO and filled up half my bag with Ambrosias. But I wouldn't pay $2 for one since I try to spend <$1.99/lb.