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Oct 8, 2013 10:45 PM

What snacks are fried in coconut oil?

So I almost started this thread after I bought a bag of Bugles on a train and noted that their deliciousness was probably due to their being fried in coconut oil. It got me thinking..."what else is fried in coconut oil?"

Sitting on that train, I thought of two: movie theater popcorn and Taco Works tortilla chips.

Taco Works is a small family company from San Luis Obispo, CA. Unfortunately, I just bought a bag of those tortilla chips today and was disappointed to find that it's now fried in "oil (coconut oil and/or corn oil and/or cottonseed oil)".

That's what finally got me to post this topic. Those were the first tortilla chips I ever had in my life. Just two months ago, I was lucky enough to try them again and they were the same rich crisp golden triangles of my youth. Today, they are the same as any other chip on the market.

Oh treats fried in coconut's the lard of the vegetable kingdom. So delectably crunchy and rich and delicious. Are there any snacks out there that are fried in coconut oil?

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  1. Well... Almost everything deep fried in Sri Lanka is deep fried in coconut oil, both savory and sweet. And they're yummy! And everything deep fried in my kitchen is deep fried in coconut oil...

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      Wow...everything fried in coconut oil! I haven't had any coco-fried sweets but I imagine it would work well!

      1. re: seamunky

        It does. Doughnuts, beignets, oil cakes (a Sri Lankan dessert), fritters... Sprats (tiny fried fish coated in a spice mixture), chicken, beef, French fries, onion rings, spicy cuttlefish rings... Seriously, everything.

        In my defense, I lived in Sri Lanka for eight years, married a Sri Lankan, and my mother in law taught me her recipes. She, like most Sri Lankans, uses only coconut oil in her kitchen. I did as well. My mother in law, who owns a coconut plantation, actually had coconut oil pressed from her own coconuts - that still happens there, people using mills and presses for their own private-use products.