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Oct 8, 2013 09:18 PM

Nice, reasonably quiet, inexpensive

Looking for a place to go out with my visiting parents this Friday, the 11th. Price limit probably around $40pp max. My mother is not a fan of 'ethnic' foods--so we're talking European or American. The other issue I've been running across is that they're not huge fans of tapas or small-plates style places, they'd rather do a traditional appetizer-entree-dessert setup. So, suggestions? Ideally somewhere in a neighborhood that could be fun to walk around--I was thinking Lincoln Park, maybe West Town, and I'd rather avoid the loop. They're staying in Bronzeville (I live in Hyde Park) and will have a car.

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  1. Perennial Virant, located in Lincoln Park, may fit your requirements.

    1. Bistronomic has a $30/person 3-course prix fixe, with about 5 options for app and entree, and 2 for dessert, from 5-6:30pm on Fridays (all night earlier in the week). If ordering a la carte, I had a terrific duck confit a la orange with a small salad (billed as frisee but actually mixed greens) earlier this week.

      Any interest in Little Italy? Seems like it would be convenient for you. If I were taking my parents, I like RoSal's for Italian, and Chez Joel for French Bistro.