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Reserve Cut at the Setai NY

Has anyone been to the new Reserve Cut restaurant at The Setai Hotel in Manhattan?

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  1. Wanted to go Thursday night. Called for a reservation and was told the time is not available, but come anyway and wait. Um..no thanks

    1. They supposedly have seating for 300. I would be very surprised if they were full.

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        I have no idea. I can only say what they told me

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          Having 300 seats has little to do with having an available reservation at a particular time. The business plan for the evning may have been to feed only x patrons.

          You have no idea what staffing level was planned for that evening, both front of the house and in the kitchen. This is a newly opened restaurant, and they may be only operating some dining sections as their staff gets up to speed.

          If a kitchen can turn out 100 covers per hour, than the restaurant cannot seat 300 diners at 8PM, it will be chaos and the majority of diners will be unhappy with the service. One cannot compare fine dining restaurants that cook to order withy the mass feeding that goes on in a resiort hotel where everyone is seated at once and the waitstaff simply goes through the kitchen lines picking up x amount of plates of food that is all ready to serve

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            Understood, and i agree. Just don't tell a customer to show up at x time and sit and wait till a table is ready.

        2. I walked past there today and they had a menu displayed outside. A lot of sushi and some promising meat dishes. As a vegetarian, I'm not sure how the prices stack up against dishes at other meat restaurants.

          There is literally nothing I can eat until I get to the dessert menu. The dessert menu looks imaginative and (if properly executed) delicious. I was in a hurry so I didn't write any of it down, but the dishes seemed to focus on things that are already pareve instead of having lots of mock dairy. I work around the corner, so I'll check more closely tomorrow and ask if they have a paper menu since their website has nada.

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              I stopped by for lunch last week. They were not open, but said they planned to open for lunch later this month.

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                I walked by on Friday and saw they only only had a dinner menu posted outside too. If they open for lunch I hope they include more lunch appropriate items. I can't imagine much business for $50 steaks for lunch, but $20 sandwiches could have potential. Right now, there is no eat in lunch option downtown nicer than Bravo or Pita Express.

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              Shame. I'm not vegetarian but I do enjoy food prepared without meat. Maybe they have options that aren't on the menu

              1. We were there tonight. The food was good as was the service. It is essentially a steakhouse with sushi. We got steaks and veal -- all of which were prepared well. They were quite busy. When we called for reservations they could only seat us at either 7 or 9 and by the time we left they seemed to be 75% or so full. Despite being busy, service was prompt and courteous and our waiter very knowledgeable. The crowd when we got there was mostly business people but there seemed to be more families by the time we left. The decor is pretty but it does get fairly noisy. It is expensive -- for the 3 of us it was around $250 including tip for 3 main courses, 2 sides, 1 beer, a tea and 2 desserts. Their beer selection is not very impressive. I would say this is comparable to the Prime Restaurants or La Brochette and better than Les Marais. Nice to have a good restaurant downtown but it is a big space so they will need to keep people coming to stay in business.

                1. I went last night with two business associates (not Jewish). For those not used to driving around downtown, access was difficult given the traffic restrictions around the Stock Exchange (we took a cab). Once inside the restaurant, the decor was very nice, but like others mentioned, it did seem to be very loud even though the area we sat (at the front near the bar) was only 20% full. The service was marginal at best. The waiter didn't do a good job of explaining the menu or go through the wine list. We ordered the fried rice sushi appetizer and the merguez sausages. Very disappointed in both. While the appetizers came out quickly (we told the server we were in a rush), both were luke warm and didn't have any seasoning. We all ordered steaks for the main course. The meat was slightly overcooked for all of us. While the steak was good, not sure it was worth the $50+ price. The total came to over $350 before tip, including a bottle of wine (they brought the wrong bottle at first - we were then told they needed to have the manager search the large wine display for the correct bottle). Hopefully they will work out the kinks with the service, but I am concerned about the ability to drive enough people to the difficult location at such high pricing.

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                      i guess not all publicity is good publicity...

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                        Reads like the kiss of death, not just in comparison to the 8trief new steakhouses but when compared to kosher fine dining establishments. I thought the dig at the wine was out of place. The restaurant does make the food, not the wine.

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                          I have no issue with the wine comment. The restaurant is responsible for choosing the wine list. If a bottle is not up to snuff then the restaurant should replace it with a bottle that is. And if there is a bad bottle then the reviewer should tell his readers so they don't order the same bottle.

                      2. Went there three times so far. First off, the decor is surreal, the ambiance is romantic yet fun, the cascading water fountains are a nice accent to the massive wine coolers filled with wine bottles encased in clear glass. Really something different and modern. The first time, I had a steak, it was incredible! The second time had the sea bass, also amazing, like butter! The third time I just had some sushi, great but only if you like raw fish. They were near full capacity all three times that I went, I even saw some celebrities dining there, Keanu Reeves and Leelee Sobieski were there went I went at around 6 PM, right after work. Looks like it's doing great and I hope it will continue to do so. I'd love to try the lunch menu they are coming out with. Chairs are as comfortable as a bed, so it was hard to get up after the meal (and not to mention dessert! peanut butter lovers must try the PB mousse!) Definitely will make this my go-to for business meetings and family dinner!

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                          Geez LauraGates, sounds like the perfect place! If I didn't know better I would think you work for them! In fact, it looks like you joined Chowhound just to tell us how fabulous they are, so I hope it lives up to the hype.

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                            :) - I was thinking that exact same thing last night, PotatoPuff. I'm glad you said it!

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                              Frankly, I hope it does live up to Laura's review, it would be nice to have THE. BEST. RESTAURANT. EVER. ;)

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                              I usually make comments like that one. This time, I didn't catch it. BTW, I hope they work on the service. I heard that it was quite slow last night. That said, I'm willing to try it out. Didn't hear such a rave review from my friend, but we'll see.

                          2. I have been twice to Reserve and can ditto the exact positive experince posted below. Food, atmosphere and service all very well done.
                            That being said, and as busy as it has been I just don't know of a kosher restaurant this large even on the second floor can survive.
                            That is not my issue as I will continue to enjoy a great dinning experince as long as they make the experince as positive as it has been.
                            My only negative and nothing against the Reserve experince is that it is a tough place to get to, as Broad St is always on LOCK DOWN. Great job Reserve keep it up and we shall support you.

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                              The 1,2,3,4,5,J,M, and R are all within easy walking distance. That's more options than you'll find for any other kosher restaurant in the city. Are that many people really driving to Manhattan restaurants that it makes a difference that the block it's on is closed to traffic? Take a cab to Beaver St and walk half a block. If you're driving yourself, odds are you're parking more than a block away anyway.