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Oct 8, 2013 08:00 PM

Gluten Free Cornflakes

I would like to make oven fried chicken to take to a potluck where there's 2 folks that are gluten free for actual medical reasons, and my version uses crushed up cornflakes. But after doing some research I found most mainstream cornflakes brands have barley malt extract in them so they are not gluten free.

So, does anybody have a suggestion for a decent gluten free cornflake? I read that some of them have a different taste/texture than regular so I'd like to avoid those since that might make the chicken taste bad.

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  1. I know that Barbara's makes a gluten free cornflake cereal. It is a nationwide brand you can might be able to find at your local store or a Whole Foods.
    Chex cereal is now gluten free and corn chex might be a good substitute and it's very easy to find at your local store.
    It's nice of you to accommodate your friend!