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Near the airport good Italian

I'm going to spend a few days near the airport and want some authentic east coast Italian food.

Always heard of east coast Italian and since I will be there where should I go but only 10 minutes or so from the airport.


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  1. Are you going to have a car?

    1. Is a relatively short taxi ride is possible?

        1. It's only a 10-15 minute drive to just about anywhere in the southeastern corner of the city from the airport - and most of the red-sauce italian places are in that general area. You can do it easily. If you don't get any recommendations I suggest you search this board for "red-sauce italian." You'll be able to get to most people's favorites (I've eaten at one such place in my 12 years here so I can't help beyond that)

          1. Popi's is pretty close to the airport and is a pretty good red-sauce Italian place: http://www.popisrestaurant.com/

            1. Villa de Roma, Dante & Luigis, Molto Mario, Ralph's could all work for you. Sinatra is said to have been a regular customer at Ralph's. We have enjoyed Victor's for basic red sauce Italian and the opera singing waiters, fun and the Italian American food is predictable and good enough. Other good Italian Restaurants are a bit out of your stated range. In a city with a large Italian population there is a wide range of opinions on what is good!

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                Sorry for Molto Mario short circuited memory search.

              2. Agree w Bacchus. Additionally...

                Panorama is a higher class joint, but good, about 10 minutes away.

                La Buca is an old school Italian place, down a flight of stairs, looks like nothing at street level, but good red gravy(this is Philly, right?) Italian.

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                  Yes, the food and feel at La Buca is old school. Good one.

                2. I also recommend Villa diRoma and Ralph's. Can't get more old school than those. Plus you can walk around the Italian market and stop at Isgro's Bakery for cannolis and pastries for dessert :)