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Oct 8, 2013 06:51 PM

Sushi Nomi

Stumbled upon sushi nomi today on roncesvalles. What caught my eye was the variety of seasonal fish on their chalkboard and also the fact that they had literally every staple sushi book on their wall. They had a newer version of jiro's book, the Dai San Harumi book, and the sushi bible from kozasa sushi as well. Impressed with their book collection I had to give their nigiri a try.

I grabbed the Madai, the aji, and the iwashi. Pretty good. Hands down the best on roncesvalles for sure. They where also selling fresh live uni at $19 bucks a pop.

Minimal bar seating, really nice couple running it. Sushi nerd book selection. I will be back to try more of their offerings for sure.

Maybe not a destination spot but if you're in the area definitely worth a visit for the sushi heads.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up!
    On the subject of fish selection, have you been to Inatei and take a look at their selection? Sometimes, like the attached, could be most impressive!!
    Inatei Japanese Cuisine
    June 26
    Fish from Japan tomorrow plus kinki, kinmedai, shima aji, hiramasa, madai, Hokkaido UNI, kisu, baigai.
    Photo: Fish from Japan tomorrow plus kinki, kinmedai, shima aji, hiramasa, madai, Hokkaido UNI, kisu, baigai.
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    They have a facebook page with photos attachments.

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Interesting! Thanks Charles! I've never been to inatei. I should check it out sometime.

    2. I wonder why they called it Sushi Nomi. In Japanese, "nomi" means "flea."

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      1. re: Tripeler


        It's also a conjugation of "to drink" but it can also mean "nothing but" so maybe sushi nomi = nothing but sushi?

        1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

          Yeah, I think I agree with your guess on this, though a more common expression would be "Sushi Dake" -- Sushi Only. More likely though, they were referring to drink. As I often say, if I had all the money I'd spent on drink, I'd spend it on drink.

            1. re: Tripeler

              There's no way they are going to call their restaurant ' Sushi Dake ' - based on pure English pronunciation!! Ha!!

            2. re: Notorious P.I.G.

              I was just looking at their FB page, and it has this in the 'about' section:
              NO tempura NO teriyaki, NO noodle, sushi only!

              Given that, I suspect you're correct about what they were aiming to get across with the name.

              1. re: Jacquilynne

                In Japan, a 'Sushi House' only focuses on one specialty - sushi!! As such, one would not find Tempura, Teriyaki, noodles...etc. in a sushi establishment. Likewise, same thing holds true for others. Therefore, a pure 'Tempura House' will only serve Tempura and nothing else. If you would like a mix, then head over to Izakayas.
                May be Sushi Nomi would like to establish themselves as a Pure Sushi Specialty house like the ones in Japan??!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  But it's probably an inside joke about North American expectation of what Japanese restaurants should be. Like, no tempura, no teriyaki, no don't ask!

                  Also, they have THEE best tip jar of all time.

                  (if you like cats)

                  (which I do)

                2. re: Jacquilynne

                  Yeah, makes sense.

                  Yeah, check it out. Great neighbourhood spot.

                  They also have Coconut Ramune and copies of Oishinbo to read so I don't feel like a creep if I have to eat there alone. I can read their magazine and book selection and look engaged and smart and not lonely and awkward.

                  (this does not go for everyone when eating alone of course, mostly just me.)

                  1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                    Thanks for the recommendation, we dropped by on Saturday night. It does appear the chef and his helper are korean, so I'm not sure if they care about the difference between dake and nomi. Anyway, I agree the chalkboard sets them apart from another good tiny restaurant, Sushi 930. Unfortunately, by the time I got there half the items on the board, as well as the uni, have sold out. I got to sample whatever they had left, and also the sashimi dinner. Great variety of fish, fresh and properly shaped cuts. (oops, they ran out of bluefin and that was substituted with regular maguro)

                    1. re: nogoro

                      caught this thread late....

                      they're Korean. I only know because my Korean friend knows them well.

                      | find their shari to be much better than sushi 930.

                      1. re: nogoro

                        They gave me some uni the last time I was there and it was on point.

              2. Oh, interesting. Will have to make a point of checking it out.

                Thanks for the heads up!

                1. There's a very positive article on this restaurant from ThegridTO. It speaks a bit about his history and thoughts about sushi in Toronto.

                  I'm never in that area but if I was, I would be willing to give it a try seeing how it's a $20 meal that is centered about the freshest he has that day. I also would ask for the Korean sized scoop of rice (lol).


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                    1. re: frogsteak

                      It's my go to in the area as I live w/i a 15 min walk.

                      There are admittedly problems, the shari could use more vinegar, there could be more wasabi in each nigiri. Also as even he states in the grid piece, he packs a lot of rice in the nigiri. Way too much for my liking, I've taken to removing a 1/3 of rice from each piece when I eat it.

                      I understand why he does it. My taste would be considered too strong for his Roncesvalles demographic. Perhaps next time I'll ask him if he's willing to do some tweeks for me. Then again, I feel it's egotistical to ask him to prepare his food my way. Even w/ the nitpicking, this place is still miles ahead of anybody else in the price range, Sushi Couture is probably the only comparable.

                      Their book collection is top notch if you're into that kind of thing. I'm very much so. The uni I had last week there was top notch, sweet, briney, no bad metallic taste that you get sometimes.

                      1. re: aser

                        I was in this area yesterday and was craving fish so I had lunch here. I had the 9 piece nigiri and spicy tuna roll combo with miso soup. From the soup I knew it wasn't gonna be bullshit, 10/10 times I don't eat miso soup because it tastes like salty processed crap but this place has a great version. Flavourful beyond just salt. I don't even know what kinds of fish I had but they were all impeccably fresh and the shari was also on point in comparison to the vast majority of offering around town. Even the roll was on point. For like 25 dollars after tip I would and will definitely go back