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Oct 8, 2013 06:39 PM

Kosher in San Diego?

going to San Diego in December for a few days. what is the Kosher scene out there? any suggestions?

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  1. There's not much. This page is recent enough that I think it's still accurate.

    1. San Diego is enormous. Downtown to the Jewish neighborhood (where they are casual eateries and groceries) is a longer drive than a business traveler or tourist may want to do for meals. You can go once and bring stuff back to a hotel room fridge. Or have meals delivered to your hotel. The downtown groceries have the stuff you find in any American grocery.

      1. LaCafe closed in the summer.

        In addition to the Smoller's list:

        Ralph's Supermarket La Jolla (near Adat Yeshurun) has kosher takeout: different types of chicken (fried, rotisserie, BBQ,) burgers, hot dogs, deli sandwiches, sushi, bread, cakes and pastries, other supermarket stuff. THE DELI COUNTER CLOSES AROUND 6:30!!!!!!!
        Ralph's also has a kosher Golden Spoon frozen yogurt which is NOT CY. Open until 11.
        They sell packaged and frozen kosher meals as well. The store is open 7X24 and the local Jewish teenagers hang out there and spend enough money that the store loves them.

        Costco usually sells Meal Mart deli in 1.25 lb packages and some Meal Mart stuff that can be microwaved. There is a Costco on Morena Blvd and one in Carmel Mountain that usually carry Meal Mart and some other kosher stuff. I don't know about the other Costcos.

        Trader Joe has a lot of kosher food.

        The Place at the JCC has pretty good food. Israeli and burgers on paper plates. The dairy cafe in the JCC is NOT kosher despite being named "The Bean."

        All Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores and all Krispy Kreme doughnuts in San Diego are kosher, not CY. Bagels and pastries. Note: if you take it out you don't pay sales tax but if you eat in you do.

        The Grille is near Beth Jacob. Never got there but I have heard it is good.

        The problem is that there is not just one Jewish neighborhood and they are far apart.

        There is a Facebook group called Kosher San Diego which will have info about things like groups doing meals for fundraisers.
        The local 8th graders do nice dinner nights for their class trips and you may get lucky.

        Last suggestion is to call Felicia G catering and have her do your meals. Expensive but worth it. Tell her that her friend in Texas sent you. (no names online please!)

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          Thanks for the updates. Although the wedding is long over, I've updated the tourism page, since it's still being used (and so I'll have it up to date if I ever do another site for a simcha in San Diego)

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            By the way, I would appreciate any updates to the page, or to my LA page

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              I no longer live in California. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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                You have to change your moniker there, socal. :)