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Oct 8, 2013 06:37 PM

Brioso Marlboro- USED to be good....

Went tonight. It's still pretty crowded..two waiters for about 15 tables. One waiter comes over to us and in the middle of reading the specials, he runs away from our table. Turns out a table had their food delivered and there were problems, so he just left us, brought the entire other table's food back to the kitchen, and them came back to us, without saying a word. We ordered dinner and after about 25 minutes with no food, the mains came out, not the appetizers.....except they weren't for us, they were for the table next to us. No one knew who got what, or worse, who's was what. (who's on first)?

Appetizers came out, tiny teeny portions, and they were fair at best. The three main courses came out, and my veal chop, ordered medium, came out carpaccio style- raw. When we called the waiter over, he finally told us this was the third uncooked veal chop that came out tonight- that was the other table's issue as well. That the chef didn't know what he was doing..duh...I could have told him that.

Undercooked food, poorly seasoned, with a wait staff that could care less, equaled an experience that just doesn't need to happen in a restaurant on it's worst night. Brioso's best day has come and gone...people should just realize this and move on. I know I have. One of the worst dining experiences I've had in a very long time; they should be embarrassed, but they could care less.

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  1. I wrote that place off years ago. Sounds similar to our story. If you are not a "regular" to any of the waiters, forget any kind of service. When I first saw your post, I thought immediately "Rude staff". Not to mention how poorly the food was when we were last there years back.

    Sorry you had a bad meal. I think there are many of us here with your same thoughts on Brioso.

    1. I went recently, (not by my choice for the record lol). Food was mediocre. I ordered Chilean Sea Bass however I received regular sea bass. Most people wouldn't notice. I didn't complain as I knew I would not be going back, at least not by my choice! The very rare occasion we go out for Italian, I prefer Sam Vera

      1. We went there around 10 years ago when my children were under 1 yr. We came in with the children in their "carrier".

        The look we got from the staff when the saw the children was offensive. The restaurant was mostly empty and they insisted on sitting us in the dining room by the door, rather than the main larger room. They also insisted on putting our children under the table, rather than on an upturned chair.

        We walked right out and have never been back. I would never give a $ to restaurant that would treat me that way. At the time, we thought it was too bad as we had liked the food.

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          I live very close to Brioso's.. we've never been there, based solely on experiences on this board/thread. So, thank you for that. :)