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Oct 8, 2013 05:42 PM

Baking Cakes & Bread In the Crock Pot. Have You Tried It?

Am I wrong, or do most folks limit their crock pot meals to soups and stews?

I've been having a blast lately baking quick breads and cakes in the crock, and my family is really delighted with the results! Okay, I admit it...I'm in love with my crock pot and I love to think of new and fun ways to use it.

Kinda seems like you can't go wrong, at least not too far wrong!

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  1. Why???

    "Quick Breads" in a crockpot?

    No this is nothing I'd ever contemplate.

    1. Can you share some of your recent cakes or breads?

      1. I love my crock too but I've never tried to bake anything. What is your most resounding success to date?

        1. I tried it once for a regular cake. Ended up w/ a soggy topped cake and no one would eat it. I like the dry heat of the oven. I do think the crock pot is great for bread pudding. It also seems like an ideal environment for cheesecake, moist heat. I would probably fold a towel under the lid for that, though.

          This is really good, actually--a hot fudge cake. It's moist, brownie like.

          1. How does this work? I can't imagine the "low and slow" method of cooking doing cakes or quick breads any favor. I could see it for the fudgy types of cake that chowser referred to but not traditional cakes. I would love to hear more details of the results you are getting, especially in respect to the rise and the moisture content of the final product (is it wet??).