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Oct 8, 2013 03:47 PM

Quick question - Spanish rice in the rice cooker

My rice cooker has instructions of "add measure of rice and then add water to x mark" - it works great. I'm trying to do a Spanish rice - which I did a long time ago. I have sautéed onions and garlic with cumin and strained tomatoes. Do I add the rice and then add to x in the water with all the other stuff taking up volume, or do I do the rice and water and then add the other stuff?
( I know I could just use the stove, but I'm hosting a meeting and I need this to be on auto pilot.)

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  1. I'd use two parts water to one part rice, as I always do, and not adjust for the other ingredients.

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      Agreed. I make it on the stove (if that makes a difference) and follow c oliver's rule with great success. The first few times I made it, I pestered myself with DebinD-type questions and was happy to find out the simple answer is the good one. Your rice will be excellent!

    2. When I do tomato rice in the rice cooker I will substitute the juice from the tomatoes for part of the water, but add the other ingredients as listed.

      It's mainly a matter of how sticky you like it. When I make it on the stove I undercook the rice slightly before adding the tomatoes so it doesn't get too mushy.

      1. I realized I didn't answer the whole question. I'd saute the 'other things' prior to making the rice and then add it all to the cooker. Just me. BTW, with your inspiration I'm like doing this very thing tonight.

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          I had pre sautéed onions and garlic and cumin.
          I ended up adding the rice, using tomato sauce and stock to make it up to the mark and then dumping in the onion mix and a few fresh Roma's.
          I've never done the 2:1 thing in the rice cooker. Next time I make rice I will check out how that compares to the lines in the pot.

        2. When I do it, I add the rice, some water, the remaining tomato juice, onions etc so that stay near the surface. I found that when I'd cook it when everything is mixed up, tomato especially at the bottom of the pot would burn a bit. So I try to leave most of the tomato and stuff near the top, then fluff it all together when it's done.

          Then again I was on a $5 college rice cooker for a long time, so maybe a better cooker won't do that ;)