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Oct 8, 2013 03:34 PM

Portland with a Toddler for the Long Weekend

We will be in Portland for the first time this weekend, staying near Northwest 23rd. We'll have our 18 month old with us. She'll eat pretty much anything, and we love good food. I'm looking for recommendations for good brunch, lunch and possibly happy hours (for early dinners before her bedtime). We're open to total budget meals and are also open to spending up to $40 per adult for a meal, so long as the place is toddler friendly. Any tips? I tried searching the archives but found mostly older posts.

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  1. We went to Portland in June with 5 year old. Started out trying to choose kid friendly places but bailed the second day in favour of great places that were fine with kids. Try Evoe for a late lunch, for starters. Good luck!

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      Thanks. We'll check it out. Great restaurants that are ok for kids who like to sit and eat are exactly what we're looking for.