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Puritan Corned Beef Hash

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Does anyone know where I can find this products in Vancouver? Even better if you could tell me where I can find it in Coquitlam or the surrounding area. Thanks

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  1. I've seen its corned beef. Didn't know it can also come with hash too.

    Ah, here it is:


    I'd check out stores like Walmart or Target.

    1. Thanks LotusRapper. I've looked in these stores previously with no luck. I didn't know about the Canadianfavourites link but certainly will keep that on file.

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        No problemo ! I didn't know that site either, I just Googled "Puritan Corned Beef Hash" :-)

        1. re: LotusRapper

          this fascinates me (being a product of certain canned products of the era - see below) - please let us know more - and perhaps share why you are looking for / like this particular product

          i do recall the Puritan beef stew. Except for sodium content, which we ran off as we played outside - it probably wasn't all that bad for us ; )

          1. re: Georgia Strait

            I think we are all products of our upbringing...especially if we were from immigrant families. I'll always remember a story my mother told me, coming by boat from Italy to Canada...and having to buy supplies in Nova Scotia for the long train ride to Vancouver. Not knowing any English, she bought cans with pictures of cows on it, finding out later it was cat food..

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              I should add that although I do not have cravings for Purina Cat Chow I still love bone marrow, chicken's feet and other pig parts no longer available (generally) to the public. I remember particularly loving rooster combs...lightly breaded and fried. But I digress...apologies if this veered off topic.

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                oh my - now that's western Canada of not so long ago - i think many of us were born of parents who came here in the post-war etc.

                i like your posts - those are funny (i hope you understand what i mean by that)

                1. re: Quattrociocchi

                  I recall seeing cans of Brit mushy peas at StupidStore. One of the ingredients on the list is beef tallow. Yumm !!