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Oct 8, 2013 03:21 PM

Restaurant near Frenchman's street

My husband and some friends ( in 50's and 2nd time in New Orleans) would like to eat near or on Frenchman's street. So we can walk around after. I have never been to this street/area. Should we eat at the Spotted Cat or Three Muses (or go there later after dinner). Thinking about Stella or Irene's. Any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks

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  1. Consider Three Muses or Mimi's Tapas for very good food on Frenchman St in a casual and boisterous setting. Stella is multi-course fine dining in a quiet and refined setting and would probably be long meal, so quite different. But Frenchman St. is not very far away from anywhere in the Quarter, if you don't mind walking 10 or 15 blocks or a short cab ride, so you really could eat anywhere you want in the Quarter and still get over to Frenchman in the same evening.

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      Mimi's isn't on Frenchmen and is a ways off. definitely out of the way if you're looking to hangout in the quarter and Frenchmen.

    2. I would do Sylvain and then walk over to Frenchman.

      1. The Three Muses has its proponents -- the food's not bad, but the place suffers from not knowing if it's a bar, a club, or a restaurant; combine that with the tourist crowds and it's kind of a chaotic experience. Go early and not on Tuesdays (they're closed). The Spotted Cat doesn't serve food.

        As has been pointed out, Frenchmen's not far from anywhere in the Quarter and itself is kind of a dining desert -- what's there isn't necessarily bad but nothing's a memorable evening out either.

        Irene's -- which I happen to really enjoy, I've always found the service excellent -- is a go early or go late kind of place, they get mobbed. Stella serves very good food though is not cheap. I believe Irene's takes reservations but that's no promise of being seated promptly; Stella as well and they won't keep you waiting.

        Sylvain's a fine recommendation; in the other direction there's Mariza (closed Sunday and Monday) -- just on the Bywater/Marigny line -- that is an excellent neighborhood spot. On lower Decatur Cane & Table is notable; some have found it loud, in my experience it hasn't been intolerable. They don't serve food on Sunday and Monday.

        1. Marigny Brasserie is good. By the way, it's Frenchmen Street (which gave its name to a classic book about New Orleans called Frenchmen Desire Good Children).

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            I can't recommend Maringy Brasserie. I wish it would hurry up and close.

          2. Thanks for all the great feedback. I will let you all know results.