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Jan 4, 2005 02:17 PM

Austin, Texas: B-day dinner help

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OK, my friend and I both have birthday's close to each other, and we are going to have a birthday dinner for both of us. I need help picking a good place which will satisfy all the below requirements:

1) Not too expensive (in fact more on the "economical to moderate" side

2) Accomodating a party of 10

3) Casual enough that we can be kinda loud

4) Serves booze

I guess that's it, doesn't matter where in town. Any suggestions?

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  1. Perhaps these will fill the bill:

    Bitter End-excellent, affordable; can handle 10+; they make great beer, as well as have a full bar, and a decent wine selection.

    Zax Pints & Plates- one of the best happy hours for food (gourmet pizzas, crab cakes, mussels, etc. are $4 from 4-7) and they too have a great beer selection, full bar, and decent wines.

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    1. re: Frank M

      I thought about Zax but I have never been there yet, and I am on a horrific streak of dragging people to untested restaurants and having them be horrible, so I didn't want to risk it.

      I think we have decided on Ararat. its funky, fun and although they do not serve alcohol, they are BYOB, which would actually be better, because then no one will be complaining about having to pick up part of the tab that they didn't "drink".

      1. re: Chris Stein

        I highly recommend Ararat. I did that for my birthday in October and almost posted it as a suggestion earlier, but then had to run off for something else.

        Also, we even brought in a purchased birthday cake for the table, and the nice ladies that run the place refrigerated it for us until it was time, and then brought out plates and silverware for the table. For a group that size, they have limited seating times though, so call soon.

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      Eddie V's is great for Seafood but it's probably on the pricy side. They have a few areas where they will accomodate groups and it's pretty loud anyway. Plus, they serve alcohol. For more info, check out

      Of you can fo to somewhere like Iron Cactus, but that might be a bit too casual. There's B Side Grill and Mezzaluna too but the former is more like a brew pub and the latter is a tad like it's LA namesake.