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Oct 8, 2013 02:15 PM

ALbany, New York restaurant week

will be traveling to Albany this October during Restaurant Week. ANY suggestions of must go to restaurants with regional favorites in the area? I prefer to avoid fast food places.

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  1. The "Old Albany" choices in the Restaurant Week list are Jack's (2nd oldest restaurant in the country under the same ownership?), LaSerre, and Cafe Capriccio. Capriccio is the best, if Italian is ok with you, all are good. Lots of discussion of Albany restaurants on this board if you scroll down; local posters have tried to keep 'em up to date.

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      I like Jack's. Nothing like a plate of fresh oysters for an appetizer followed with a slice of their prime rib, rare.


    2. thank you. I could only find a long thread with mostly fast food ( ie fried food) when I first searched.
      Per my MD, have to avoid fried to avoid cholesterol meds..

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      1. re: Mella2 is the master thread for Albany dining, and it's been kept up to date. Except for fish fries, a local thing, fried food is not the strong suit around here, anyway. Where will you be staying?

      2. will be in Troy mostly, but want to host a dinner for three ( students that I am visiting) during restaurant week.
        Will be wandering around the area -- at large-- while the younger crowd is busy.

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          A great new spot in Troy is Lucas Confectionary, wine bar, patisserie, light meals, very cool scene. Troy has a fantastic Turkish restaurant, Ali Baba, near the RPI campus, excellent wood-fired pizza at DeFazio's.

        2. i thank you for your suggestions.
          What about a place to hang out and enjoy a cup of coffee around Troy? Healthy breakfast places anyone?
          This will be my first trip into upper state new york, :) !!

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            I don't know Troy that well. Been to Brown's Brewing Co., Daisy Baker's (across from Troy Music Hall) and DeFazio's :)

            Albany has DP (Yono's casual restaurant/downtown Albany), New World Bistro Bar (Chef Ric Orlando won Chopped twice) and The Ginger Man. We plan to check out Ocean Palace (Asian food okay re: salt content?) soon. Jack's is old school. An institution in downtown Albany near the Capitol. I prefer it for lunch or on a holiday (they are open EVERY day).

            We go to Merry Monk in Saratoga Springs. Have not been to their downtown Albany location.

            We will be returning to Taste (downtown Albany) this month.

            Second PSZaas Cafe Capriccio (downtown Albany near the Capitol) suggestion. We go to Capriccio Saratoga.


            1. re: Mella2

              Illium Cafe is your place for breakfast, lunch, mid-morning coffee, mid-afternoon coffee, late afternoon glasses of wine. Healthy and homemade. There's also the Placid Baker for breakfasts and lunches, very good bread. These two places and Lucas Confectonary make a great trifecta, within a few blocks of each other, all first-rate.

              1. re: PSZaas

                Lucas Confectionary's Chef Rachel "Starla" Bradshaw is a finalist for Rising Star Chef 2014.

              2. re: Mella2

                I've heard good things about Carmen's Café in Troy, especially for breakfast. It's Cuban/Spanish/American.

              3. honestly, i'd say avoid restaurant week specials. just go to better places and spend a little more. nothing wrong with the suggestions but the busy places don't always put their best foot forward during that week especially if they are only offering a limited menu.

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                1. re: davmar77

                  of course this will vary from place to place. i'm just talking from experience.

                    1. re: jaylhorner

                      That makes three :)

                      PS Lunch instead of dinner when you're on a budget/per diem/in an expensive city also works well based on my experience. Just don't tip like a Rachel Ray!