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Oct 8, 2013 01:38 PM

Too many choices, not enough meals. Suggestions and comments on our short itinerary, please!

Going to New Orleans next month for a conference and we want to make the most of it. We like modern cuisine over traditional and lean toward fine dining over casual when we're traveling. However, deliciousness is the most important trait of all...

Day 1 (Sat)
Dinner: GW Fins vs Root

Day 2
Brunch: Commander's palace
Dinner: August

Day 3
Lunch: Cochon Butcher
Dinner: R'evolution vs Stella!

I realize GW Fins and Root are extremely different and difficult to compare. The consensus seems to be that GW FIns is reliably good and Root can be uneven. I'm drawn toward the innovation of Root, but the Scalibut dish at GW Fins sounds like a "can't miss."

Day 2 is set and can't be rescheduled. These are the 2 restaurants that are at the top of our list anyway.

Lunch on Day 3 needs to be convenient to the convention center. Was thinking of putting Root here, but they will be closed for renovations on that day. Everything I've read says that the sandwiches at Cochon Butcher are amazing. Is it take-out only? If we have lunch at Cochon proper, is it possible to order off the Butcher menu?

R'evolution vs Stella! seems more of an even comparison as far as dining style. I'm leaning more toward R'evolution since it seems more representative of local flavors, whereas the Stella! menu looks like it could be served in any big city in the world.

Is there anything else we should consider? I wish we had more time. Thanks for any advice in advance!

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  1. Butcher has seating for about 20 at small tables and a counter. You can't order off the Butcher menu at Cochon.

    1. Your list is generally good.

      If you want modern cuisine and fine dining, with a NO flair, you should consider MiLa, a great restaurant that is generally overlooked on this board. Chef Allison Vines-Rushing is a James Beard winner. Sweetbreads with truffled grits (app) is among the best dishes anywhere, and there are many worthy others. We ate there last week (second time) and it's as good as ever. Just across Canal from FQ.

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        Just ate at MiLa last night (again) and had to have the sweetbreads (again). A very good meal. One guest ordered the duck, which he does any city we are in at any restaurant that has it. JHe found it very good.

        Once went with four others and we had 2 to 3 courses each and never left the apps list. We ended up ordering the deconstructed oysters Rockefeller for desert.

        1. re: johnb

          +1 on the Sweetbreads. amazing dish.

          have also made a dinner out of apps.

        2. In my opinion, you should not sweat missing Root. I would choose either Cochon Butcher or Cochon over it.

          I second Johnb's rec of MiLa. Very good but it is pricier than either Root or Cochon.

          1. Cochon butcher. one of the best sandwiches ever... sweet potatoe hotsauce.. so amazing I brought 5 bottles back home.

            1. Day 1 Lunch Coquette
              Dinner Root
              Day 2 Lunch Commander’s
              Dinner August
              Day 3 Lunch Cochon Butcher
              Dinner R’evolution

              A perfect itenerary